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  1. I may be showing my ignorance....but has someone started a GTH registry? With only 500 coupes and 500 convertibles, it shouldn't be too hard? We have one for the 68 GT/CS which has over 3000 cars....nice to keep up with where they are....
  2. I have the added Berg Snake steering wheel button designed to go over the mustang logo (which is taken off to fit). It is metal and I have only seen one or two. I had to use a special Roush insert to fit. Will they take that away with the replacement?
  3. I like the arm rest cup holders this year. From all previous years (I think I was a charter member), the favorite I ever got was the front silver license plate with Berg cobra. Even though IL requires a front plate, this was so nice I just take my chances. If a cop pulls over an old man in a GT Hertz Shelby, its probably because he only wants to look at the car anyway. My second favorite item was the year gold was used (obvious) with the added checkered flags. Love the magnet on that one...
  4. Enjoyable show. Better than a documentary. A few things I learned. Enjoyed learning his early days and his being driver and his shaping racing up to GT40...exciting footage...there was not so much mustang, which is more common focus of other stuff. I liked the less focus on mustang...learned more.
  5. Got an email today. Renewed. Thanks! Casey
  6. I have been out of the loop too long....was there a membership renewal I missed?? Casey
  7. Is there a limited count being made? Wonder why they used the old,old style cobra?
  8. Maybe I missed the post on this a long time ago. There was going to be a new GT-H where the H stands for Heritage, not Hertz. Sorta ticked me off when I heard about it. Did this ever happen? Casey
  9. I gave up on my PIAAs 10 years ago. I must have replaced the bulbs 5 times. They always burn out in about a week. And they take a bit of ingenuity effort to replace. I just run without them.
  10. Did you have a template made for this and laser cut?
  11. I have a Berg snake center. Slightly thick-ish but slightly bendable. Adhesive on back. Goes in center of faux cap. Make sure get it straight the first time. $45. Includes shipping.
  12. I know I am late to this thread, but wanted to add that Little Red was the inspiration for the California Special. They were of course both coupes. The CS was advertised as the "poor man's Shelby" with design cues directly from Little Red. There is some really good documented history of Little Red in the CS Registry book. Little Red was shipped to Detroit by Lee Gray (who was in California) to get Iaccoca to ok the limited build CS. I lucked out and got the Shelby blueprints for the CS parts that came from Little Red cues. Engineering sign off and all (not copy's...the real things). I wrote about them and Little Red in Mustang Times. I also have some rare photos of Little Red, and a Shelby coupe, in Detroit on turntable, prototype that later became the CS. (Of course the Shelby coupe was never made...that is part of what makes CS part Shelby and part Mustang that came directly from Ford.) I had a concour de elagence CS at one time. It was featured on cover of MT and I had Iaccoca signed the mag for me. He remembered Little Red and connection to CS. (this amazed me as he has done so many things...but could remember these details). I also wrote and published in MT some articles about Little Red and the CS history. BTW, Lee Gray was still alive and told a story that Bill Cosby borrowed it - all this is in the CS Registry book. Hardback color nicely published about 12 years ago. That was a long time ago, and I sold my CS to build a 35 Ford traditional hot rod that I raced. The CS is in Australia now, and the 35 Ford is in Switzerland now. Because of it's history that convinced Iaccoca to build the CS, I would believe Kevin Marti 95%. The other 5% would be for anyone's human error. I also paid him to write a VIN report for me about the CS. He knew it and Little Red very well. I state this only on Kevin's reputation if he agrees with this recent find. I could write chapters on this car, but will stop here.... I only have my humble 07 Shelby GT-H convertible these days. So, still have Shelby close to the heart...who knows where in the world it may wind up. Right now my kids want it to stay in family. So, until I'm dead (or senile - quite likely) it stays here until they come get it....
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