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  1. I have a Berg snake center. Slightly thick-ish but slightly bendable. Adhesive on back. Goes in center of faux cap. Make sure get it straight the first time. $45. Includes shipping.
  2. I know I am late to this thread, but wanted to add that Little Red was the inspiration for the California Special. They were of course both coupes. The CS was advertised as the "poor man's Shelby" with design cues directly from Little Red. There is some really good documented history of Little Red in the CS Registry book. Little Red was shipped to Detroit by Lee Gray (who was in California) to get Iaccoca to ok the limited build CS. I lucked out and got the Shelby blueprints for the CS parts that came from Little Red cues. Engineering sign off and all (not copy's...the real things). I wrote about them and Little Red in Mustang Times. I also have some rare photos of Little Red, and a Shelby coupe, in Detroit on turntable, prototype that later became the CS. (Of course the Shelby coupe was never made...that is part of what makes CS part Shelby and part Mustang that came directly from Ford.) I had a concour de elagence CS at one time. It was featured on cover of MT and I had Iaccoca signed the mag for me. He remembered Little Red and connection to CS. (this amazed me as he has done so many things...but could remember these details). I also wrote and published in MT some articles about Little Red and the CS history. BTW, Lee Gray was still alive and told a story that Bill Cosby borrowed it - all this is in the CS Registry book. Hardback color nicely published about 12 years ago. That was a long time ago, and I sold my CS to build a 35 Ford traditional hot rod that I raced. The CS is in Australia now, and the 35 Ford is in Switzerland now. Because of it's history that convinced Iaccoca to build the CS, I would believe Kevin Marti 95%. The other 5% would be for anyone's human error. I also paid him to write a VIN report for me about the CS. He knew it and Little Red very well. I state this only on Kevin's reputation if he agrees with this recent find. I could write chapters on this car, but will stop here.... I only have my humble 07 Shelby GT-H convertible these days. So, still have Shelby close to the heart...who knows where in the world it may wind up. Right now my kids want it to stay in family. So, until I'm dead (or senile - quite likely) it stays here until they come get it....
  3. Are you using your stock wheels for winter tires?
  4. After years of fading, I am replacing vinyl stripes. Got another set for free. But the old stripes are "melted" into the paint on the bumper. No edges left. They turned sorta brownish. Just the bumpers. I have a vinyl shop friend try everything. He has never seen this happen. He said putting new vinyl over old won't work either. We tried and it just blew off. We may have to sand the bumpers down. It's wierd. Any ideas?
  5. What the hell? They still use vinyl stripes? One of the worst decisions they made in 06 and 07.
  6. Cerveni C series lower without foglights option? Any would need some mods probably. Just noticed these and wanted to pass along. Maybe helps.
  7. Please forgive me if I am way off base here, but could the lower grill needed be modified from one of the many American Muscle carries?
  8. Did you do something different with your headlights? From the angle of this picture it looks like the clear plastic cover is removed?
  9. Mine burnt out so often that I just gave up and unplugged them.
  10. I ran into another example years ago. In 1986 I bought a brand new 4 cylinder GLH turbo. Basically a Dodge Omni. Shelby built a version of this, the GLHS. It was fast! On the track it beat the 1966 Shelby Mustang in everything! Astounded everybody. Shelby said something like "of course I built a faster car than 20 years ago". I guess I am saying speed and power are not the only factor - and I would rather have a 1966 Shelby. ???
  11. If you like them (I do), then they certainly are inexpensive. Mine is a daily driver, so I bet it fits in this lower price category. It's not a GT500, or Hellcat. But, it is an authentic historical Shelby. I won't be selling mine cause I like it too. ?
  12. Why do you think the bid is only $13,900 with only 7 hours left? eBay item 232717735152
  13. That was a long time ago. Probably $75
  14. I went ahead and tried the blackout headlights. Got plastic overlay kit from American Muscle. But, Took them off after a couple days. They just didn't look right for my taste.
  15. I am sure your dad would want you to make it your own and enjoy it! Any modifications you make can be changed back in the future if you want. That's what is so cool about mustangs.
  16. Beautiful car. I see you have black out tail lights. I might try that. Has anyone tried black out headlights?
  17. Hello all, I finally got some really good Shelby autographs, all with provenance. I am keeping two of them, and will be selling two others. The ones I plan to sell are: A large signature in a super nice Shelby book made out to a NY times author (confirmed), and, second, a large signature (over the entire page) on a shipping document for aluminum body AC Cobra from UK - this one around 2006, and from employee of, then, Shelby Automobiles (confirmed). I need to figure out how to load pictures (from my phone they are too big). Before I list on eBay I will offer to the team here. Probably $150 each + actual shipping. I think this is nice to the team and about what I paid for them - which is quite less than typical eBay stuff. I am not looking to make a profit with the team here. The Cobra guys will love the shipping doc! I have texted before that I am also an autograph hound and do my homework.These autographs are real, and if you don't think so I will buy it right back. Pictures coming soon. First come, first served once I get the pictures up. Casey PS. I am legit on this site since 2006, so I am not going anywhere.
  18. Found a nice 1:18 still in the box with Shelby autograph on the boxes' clear front plastic. Real deal. Very nice. Bought for $47.00
  19. Found a very nice one with picture of Shelby signing across the whole hood in silver sharpie for $200.00. very happy. Have to be careful about printed signatures....
  20. I've looked at several of them. Yes, his printed signature is at the bottom of the forward. But then there is a larger 'autograph' at the top. I have seen the books without the autograph, and many with the autograph, and the autographs are all different, and in different places, and on different front pages. One book is even hand-personalized with a autograph. The children's foundation receipt says it is signed by Carroll Shelby. I will post a pic when I get it. Maybe they have used a play on words .... after doing my homework, it doesn't smell fishy, but I will let you know (BTW, as a hobby I collect autographs, some in person and some not. I have over 100 baseballs (favorite is Sandy Koufax), about 50 celebrities (my favorite is from Harrison Ford in person), a dozen of astronauts (got John Glenn from his museum just months before he died), dozens of military historical & political (McArthur, Nimitz, Nixon, Reagan and yes, even Trump). (For political, you have have to be careful with auto pens, but often their giveaway is pen touch down and pull up - hard to do with a book too). And auto (My favorite is Bob Tasca Sr. In person)) I won't be sure till I get it, but for the price, even the book is nice. Do you have some ideas that will help me check it out? - details are important --- appreciate the warning! I was burnt by a Jackie Robinson that even the PSA and JSA can't agree. Really got burnt with a Ty Cobb - had to just throw it in the closet. Many thanks, Casey P.s. Shelby autograph is not a big deal for me since I have had them before - and I knew they were real.But I had to sell them. I just want one to put with my GTH that I know is real - he ain't around to prove it anymore, so I am doing my best.
  21. I can still find books Signed by Shelby cheap. Picked one up from the Children's Foundation, with COA for $165.00.
  22. How do you know if a diecast was actually signed by Shelby? It appears many versions were sold with printed signatures, and eBay is selling them as the real deal.
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