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  1. Would it be possible to post some photos of some completed Shelby GT's for us to droll over ? Also, what color stripes (aside from gold) are available ?
  2. Steve, I have found several possibilities for a 2017 Super Snake !! (If a dealer still ha s a NEW 2107 in stock, you can make a good deal !!!) How would I go about getting an authorized Shelby dealer to acquire one of the cars I have found ? Or would that be more trouble than it's worth ? Eddie
  3. Is it possible to build a 2017 Super Snake or do I have to use a dealer ?
  4. This car, which ever one I choose, won't be a "Garage Queen" . However, it won't be a daily driver either. Once or twice a week with the periodic car show. I'd drive it church sometimes. (Yes, I actually said that !! LOL Hearing that car drive up may put the fear of God in a few people !!) I've also noticed not one person liked the GT-E. Interesting !!!
  5. I would like some feedback !! I am debating which to pursue. Super Snake and GT-E are from Shelby in Vegas. GT350 is from Ford. None would be a daily driver or tracked. (For that matter, ever driven REALLY HARD !!!) I'm thinking the GT350 parts would be more readily available in years to come (being from Ford) than parts from Shelby. (Very limited production run and if you need something after that, you are S.O.L. !!) NO A.D.M on the GT-E or Super Snake ! Dealers are asking some steep A.D.M.'s on GT350's. (I think it's possible to get a Super Snake for a bit more than a GT350 with the dealer A.D.M.) I would think the Super Snake and GT-E would be more rare then the GT350. Feedback please !!
  6. Great !!! I'm thinking about it and I may be one of few !!!
  7. SGT Post title option. or Gt/SC post title option. NOT GT500.
  8. Is there any owners of a gray 2013/14 Shelby gt (or GT/SC) on the board ? Or it a color no one has ? Sterlong Gray ??
  9. I was wondering if there are any gray 2013/14 GT/GTSC's out there anywhere ??
  10. The GT40 was actually built by Holman Moody. Lee Holman (Holman Moody) is still building them at $1,000,000 per car. The same guy is still building the 427 engines. FIA approved. *(Holman Moody.com)
  11. The person at Shelby that I been in conversation with, said better idlers and tensioners have soloved this "problem". I was planning to drive this beast back from Las Vegas when I pick it up, and it would be embarrassing to break down on rhe way back. (iN ADDITION,i WOULD BE VERY PISSED OFF !! ) SInce several of you have the superchared version, are there any other issues I should be made aware of ? Thanks for your input Yes I know the rules !! Post pictures when available !! LOL
  12. Giys, I have been considering a GT/SC and now I really have to wonder if I shouldn't go the GT route w/o the supercharger. I was assured by Shelby the problem has been fixed, but after reading these posts, I wonder. Can anyone share any insight ?
  13. I am considering a 2014 Shelby GT and am debating going with the basic brake upgrade, or the 6 piston package. The car won't be tracked or even driven "hard". Does anyone have the basic upgrade and how would you rate their performance ? OR should I not even consider the basic upgrade and go with the 6 piston package ? Thanks
  14. Instead of making a car that can go fast, perhaps GOVERNMENT MOTORS should concentrate on repaying all those billions in loans
  15. 2013 or 2014. I think the option was available on a basic Mustang, but I'm not sure if Shelby offered it.
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