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  1. Virginian


    2010 GT500 Convertible Kona Blue Metallic w Silver Stripes.
  2. I have been in seven hurricanes lifetime! Never in a 4! I know what smaller ones can do and damage they can cause. 130 MPH winds with a 10 foot storm surge. Hang tight all it is going to be a tough couple of days. The thing is turning and coming back at us!!!!
  3. I have installed a Maximum Motorsports Mustang 2005+ Convertible Roll Bar (Mm5RB-22.1) in my 2010 GT500. You can get four point or 6 point bars. More info available at Maximum Motorsports website.
  4. Carroll Shelby took a ordinary make believe sports car and turn it into a true sports car. I bought my Shelby because I lacked the talent and resources to turn an ordinary car into a true sports car. Russ has taken the ordinary car and turned it into a Shelby at all times honoring the man as a tribute to him. I think we all need to appreciate the ability and know how of some who honor Shelby the man, who turned his dreams into reality, to allow other's to dream in honoring the man. Russ please continue to lead and not follow.
  5. Registered and will be in on Friday the 13th. Looking forward to meeting all!!
  6. Have moved from Virginia to Ocala. Would love to join you in Lakeland. Also please let me know of any Team Shelby events or gatherings.
  7. GT500 now in Florida

  8. I really do not know about all the above. I can however verify that my 2010 is one hell of a fun ride!!!
  9. Great looking emblems, +1 if we can get them.
  10. I love this meeting of two generations! With you using the interior of the GT 500 which will look great. How about Cobra Snake 500 -- CS-500 with Stripes!! I think Carroll would have liked that.
  11. Welcome! Great to have another Virginian member.
  12. Okay Bill, you are a lucky man, as you know I am 6'5" tall will I fit???????
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