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  1. Same as mullens said, I hear neither of those sounds with my TVS. It's easy to check the oil level though, just remove the fill plug on front - oil should be visible at the level of the plug itself.
  2. It's a fine line between spin and bog with these cars and sticky tires, and the on/off stock clutch is hard to finesse. With 3.73's and Toyo DR's (more a street oriented tire than track, similar to the 555R) last outing I was slipping the clutch at 2500rpm (new RXT is a LOT easier to manage than the stocker was) and getting consistent 1.7x sixties with a best of 1.72. Just play with that launch rpm in the 2-3000rpm range and try not to just dump the clutch but ride it out some until the nose starts to drop again after the initial hit off the line.
  3. Results from Aug. 21, right lane, DA 1800ft, mods in sig (VMP TVS+supporting mods)...
  4. Have had a recent issue with the AFCO wiring myself, but wondering how your H/E fan failure could affect your water temp gauge, triggering a mil light? The engine coolant/radiator and H/E are separate systems. Had no such problems when my own AFCO fans failed.
  5. Fog light bulbs are an H16 (5202) on my 2009 too.
  6. What is the weight saving of these as compared to the stock rotors?
  7. Some dealers will tell you just about anything to help peddle cars.
  8. You running windows XP? Had the same issue, occasionally, with an XP laptop. Switched to one with Windows 7 and it works fine. I hate computers LOL
  9. Here's a little write-up I did when installing mine - it's a very straightforward job. TVS Install "How-To"
  10. It screams pretty good at WOT/high rpms, but is definitely quieter than a pullied stocker - especially at lower rpms. But, and heres the key part, passengers scream a lot louder with the TVS in there!
  11. Just finished the break-in period (was that a lesson in patience or what - good luck LOL!), mine's been completely quiet since install. Very light feel compared to stock was the only thing that seemed odd at first, but that's the way they are apparently.
  12. Is there a known problem with the Steeda tensioner? I've had one on my car now for 20k+ miles with no issues - neither previously with the Steeda 2.7 pulley nor with the current VMP TVS setup?
  13. You sir are just another of these internet heroes, found on so many sites, living his life vicariously through magazines and the results obtained by others. OP made a post about enjoying his car in a run against another driver looking to do the same - is it the be all and end all of what either of these cars is capable of? Hardly, but who really cares! Except for those aforementioned "heroes" with obviously very fragile egos, like yourself. Sad really, get over it.
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