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  1. I was wondering if anyone on TS has any experience with this driveshaft. I have heard good things about their product, but it has all been second hand info. Anyone actually use their product?
  2. Yes, I did. My car would go into failsafe under hard acceleration and would throw the same codes, datalogged it and sent it to Justin. He adjusted the tune and it never hapened again. I think mine was the torque limit as a part of Ford's protection stategy, once I was over the torque limit, the car shut down the throttlebody and the computer went into failsafe .
  3. I had the same problem at the track. My car would go into failsafe mode. I worked with BJ at vmp and he had me rebuild my Throttle Body and I reinstalled the tune; worked for a while, but then went into failsafe again. Fortunately, I was datalogging at the time. I sent the file to Justin, who quickly fixed it in the tune. I have since come to find out that within the tune, there are safety parameters placed there by FORD. One of which is torque parameters to protect the driveline. These safety parameter must be adjusted when you are modifying your car, since obviously you will be producing a lot more torque than stock. The car going into failsafe is exactly what it should do, the computer shuts down the throttle body to protect the car. The updated tune should fix it. Not saying that is what is wrong with your car, but an adjustment in the tune fixed my issues.
  4. I did, and reinstalled the tune. Radio shut off, then after about 30min, I checked the car and the radio was on
  5. The time will show, usually nothing would display. then when I get out close the door, same thing. turn the key on and/or Start the car, same thing.
  6. This has never happened before. Usually, I get out of my car and a couple of seconds later the dome light and radio turns off. Yesterday, my dome light turned off but the radio did not. wound up draining my battery. I got a jump, drove to Orielly Auto Parts and tested the battery, the battery is still good, but the radio will not turn off??? I checked all the fuses and relays associated with radio and accessory delay, nothing. Any suggestions
  7. Are you sure the cold air is buttoned up tight, an air leak could cause something like that. I have a VMP tune and I was not happy my MPH down the 1/4 mile. Justin sent me the tune again, but this time i turned off all of the virus scanning tools on my laptop before I downloaded it. Apparently, virus scanning tools go through the attachments and could mess it up. Justin is great to work with! The car definately ran better and my trap speeds went from 112 to 119. Hope this helps
  8. IW 15% crank balancer would be a nice power adder, but traction is the name of the game on these cars. Lower and upper control arms, and a sticky set of tires is a MUST. Heat exchanger with fans and a larger tank would be a good addition to... just to take care of that heat soak concern.
  9. Changed mine last September, It's actually pretty easy. Just have a breaker to slide on one of the wrenches. The real question is, Is it worth paying for the Puller (usually $150) cause you will never use it again.
  10. it is night and day difference between these and Eagle f1s. I use a lot more gas petal in first, second and third gear. all good so far
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