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  1. The process was not all that bad a couple of years ago. You just need to be a member of one of their "approved" groups and then fill out their paperwork --- at least that is how it worked before the recent Executive Order. The hardest part when I got mine was timing the request with available product. Mine took a few months to get the grade I wanted. After I got the gun I shipped it to an outfit in NY/NJ that specializes in Garand work. I did not want to tackle removing all the grease and also wanted them to completely go through it before I fired it. Got back a report that it was one of the better ones they had seen for a while. I am sort of ashamed to say that since I got it back it has remained in the safe. Too many other rifles I am working with at the current time - benchrest, ar, tactical. I will say that I am extremely happy that I went through the program and got the Garand when I did. I would strongly suggest doing whatever you can to get one -- assuming that it hasn't already been ruined by the EO.
  2. I've been very happy with the work that Performance Auto Sports in Richmond has done on my '11
  3. I am going to make at least one other person happy as I am dropping out of the scramble for these wheels. I still think they are a great buy and look fantastic on these cars ...... however...... I just bought a Lexus 460 F Sport for my traveling .............................and that has sort of decimated the auto budget for a little while..... Good luck to all those that are going after these wheels......
  4. Wow, this could be a challenge in getting the wheels as I have already seen this notice posted on some other sites....... Sure hope you have the servers beefed up for the onslaught on the 4th Jer.
  5. Looks great aclass. You must have had better luck in running without the front license plate than I have. Finally gave up and put it on. I hope the new bill introduced this year passes and will let us get rid of that front plate here in VA.
  6. Pretty much as I thought since there wasn't enough time to have scheduled the production line and made all those wheels AFTER you got the deposits. I'm just one of those that hope you ordered "too many" and there are going to be enough left for those dummies of us who managed to not take advantage of this opportunity the first time. Oh, and by the way ---- if you wanted to lower the price this time around you certainly would not hear any complaint from me And, in all seriousness --- Thanks again for pulling this together.....
  7. yeah I notice that also ... this "takes the cake" for magazines with cover dates in the future..... either that or I just managed to miss a whole year!
  8. darn, wish I had thought of that when I put mine in .... that really looks great. great idea!
  9. first of all, really appreciate all the feedback on the best tires for these wheels..... and second (with no intention of trying to hijack the thread) what are you doing about the tpms requirement. I'm gonna go with the Michelin Pilot Super Sports in 255/35 front and 275/35 rear but don't know what to to do about the tmps issue......
  10. another interested party here ... looking forward to hearing what MRT says.....
  11. Thanks for the great photos.
  12. The end of an era. A true Icon in the industry and a very dedicated individual. Mr. Shelby will be missed as his legacy continues to grow.
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