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  1. Thanks for all the votes. There's diffently isnt a 'no' in it so we are doing great. I hope I can get all Team Shelby members support to land an option for new shelby and have our gauge faces come as an option on a built sheet for GT500!!! Please send me photos @ scotty@motorcityproducts.com
  2. Sorry the instructions wasnt in there. they should have been. I hope everything went well. If anyone has questions feel free to contact our tech support 810-244-0909. Thanks again and another satified customer is always my goal. Scott Motorcityproducts/UsSpeedo
  3. Heres a post from Bikerboy that i copied and paste. "Hello all. Just to update, and remove any fears that any of you may have regarding install of these WONDERFUL gauge faces. I just called Scotty @ MotorCity to update him with the `new` needle install instructions. First, I will start out by saying I am VERY fussy with my car! I only want the highest quality parts on my SHELBY. Anything that does not appear to be O.E.M. I don`t particularly care for. This part is completely undiscernable from OEM. No-one will ever know it did not come with the car. Great instructions, (with pictures) very simple to remove cluster, just requires some patience getting the needles aligned afterwards, oh, and removing carefully the old faceplate, as it is glued on. The `NEW` instruction update, if you will, is to push the needles all the way down. Some have posted that there is a glow around the needles, when using the supplied gauge to re-install the needles. They are correct. But, I am here to tell all, that it is safe and prudent to push the needles down until they bottom out on the spindles. They bottom out before touching the face. And when you turn on the lights, it looks OEM. No unnecessary background glow! If you`ve been on the fence, like me waiting to hear more about install....jump down and get to it! They look DYNOMITE, and OEM! No, I do not work for MotorCity! Lol... Oh, and if you read this ATI, and you are selling your kit because you are fearful of quality, fit, or ease of installation.......don`t be scared!" Bikeboy Thanks bikerboy. There is definetly a difference and installed correctly there will be no doubt in my mind that our gauges will be pleasing to you!
  4. UsSpeedo manufactures speedometer gauge faces and has for years. Please take the time to take our poll. We are proud of out SVT gauge faces and hope to serve the Shelby market. Thanks for all the promo orders and hope to recieve more. I hope Shelby America reads this themselves and decides that UsSpeedo is not a joke and an asset to the shelby market. Thanks again.
  5. Ok, here is the deal. because the black reflects almost no red glow and the white do, you have to push needles in further down, nice and tight fit. this will reduce the light. You cant help that white reflects more than black but if you put needle down further it will erase the hub rim glow.
  6. Im chiming in. We had same problems before with gm and other ford needles. I will get with my engineer and more than likely design new needles for it. let you guys know soon as i can
  8. Thanks for everyone ordering. The promo will end today and Everyone that recieved one has and will be happy. I would appreciate support in getting with Shelby America and making the gauge faces an option. I will be offering the gauges for team shelby for 129.99 Instead of the 160. So Everyone who missed out can still get a discount just not "A hook up". Thanks again and especially Michael Alford.
  9. The special for team shelby gauge faces will end August 6th 2010. After that the gauges are 129.99 for Team Shelby. They actually retail for 160.00. For any orders email scotty@motorcityproducts.com. I need address and call 810-244-0909 ask for scott for credit card payments. Thank you and I have already sold 10 since this post. Thanks guys.
  10. Yes MY color works on these gauges. These gauges meet OEM standard. Instuctions are easy and its replacement not an overlay over the stock.
  11. Sweet looking. I am Scott with UsSpeedo. I want to thank you for your post and am happy to serve TEAM SHELBY. Dont forget though we have yellow, blue, silver, red as well.
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