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  1. My '12 with JLT 127, 2.5" pulley and VMP tune did 517 rwhp and 513 rwtq. On the same dyno, with the '13 TVS, same intake and different tune it did 672 rwhp and 656 rwtq. So it gained 155 rwhp and 143 rwtq just from switching the blower. Base dyno numbers are just a measuring device...actually, any dyno numbers are just a measuring device. Take dyno numbers with a grain of salt. Someone who dyno's 480 rwhp on one dyno, may in fact have a faster car than you who dyno'd much higher on a different dyno.
  2. Mike, I have to ask since seeing all your license plates on your cars. What's the deal with oatz? Sorry to get off topic.
  3. I'm not real fond of aftermarket wheels an a GT500, but man, those are awesome looking. Way cooler than the Alcoa's and those are about the only wheel I do like. Very nice!
  4. Man, you guys were so right about the drastic improvement a new shift handle makes. It really feels like an aftermarket short throw shifter now. I'm impressed. This is the billet Pro Shop handle. With the radio off, there is no more sound or vibration than the stock handle. The shifts feel "bolt action rifle" exact now. Excellent mod!
  5. As soon as the new boot arrives and I put it in, I'll take a few pics.
  6. I decided the try the Billett Pro shift handle with the blue/white shift ball and it arrived yesterday. It's an extremely nice piece. I got it bolted to the shfter but didn't get the modified shift boot yet so I couldn't take the car for a ride. But just sitting in the garage you can definitely feel the more precise bolt action rifle feeling of the shifter compared to the sloppy stock handle. Thanks gotoatz for the idea of swapping the handle for better shifts!
  7. Ok thanks for clearing that up gotoatz! When I read threads like these in the past, I always thought you guy were talking about the large round rubber surrounding the base of the shifter at the bottom. Now it makes sense. This is something I will definitely be doing. Thanks again!
  8. I've read this thread a few times now, and maybe I'm missing something...or I'm stupid. How exactly did this improve the actual shifting of the transmission? Did you remove the rubber bushing? Is it just the placement of the shifter that feels better? From looking at your pics, the rubber bushing is still there. Wouldn't removing that actually take away the rubbery feel of the shifter? Or can't it be removed? One last thing. Where did you order the handle from?
  9. Definitely go with VMP. I wouldn't trust my car to anyone else. Forget the Diablo tune. Have a pro do it.
  10. Save another $1000 and do a TVS. No question. It'll make your fast car into a beast. Night and day difference from a pulley set-up to a TVS.
  11. I'm sure it'll look good when you get it back. But I know what you mean by not wanting it back. I don't think I would either. Get it back and trade it in.
  12. What first came to mind was a quote from George Costanza from an eiposed of Seinfeld when he and Jerry were talking about skin care... "Wash it, dry it, move on". I do wax mine right along with the rest of the car, being careful not to get any caked on the sides. That's about it.
  13. I don't really know if I'm on board with the whole "change it once per year theory" or not. When I had my '11, I changed the oil at about 1,000 miles after 1 year. To me it seemed like a complete waste of money because the oil looked brand new. I'm not an oil analyist so I don't know if it was contaminated with water or whatever just by looking at it. What I would like to see is an oil analysis done on 1 year old oil with about 1,000 miles on it. Of course, by an independent firm. Of course an oil company will tell you so you buy more oil. My '12 is coming up on a year with about 875 miles on it. I'll probably be on the safe side and change it, but I'm sure I'll still think to myself that I'm throwing $80 down the toilet after I see brand new clean oil being drained away.
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