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  1. I,m having trouble on my vert also,took off door panels,the plastic wheel has broken apart.old adge I think have to replace the whole pce reg. also.
  2. got my kit yesterday,great swag but miss the magazine,and have not seen one at stores yet
  3. still here also,still watching for stuff,wish I would had bought more when I got my 07 hertz,only new thing is the gth hoody bought two still have one put away
  4. a bit late but took mine out when I bought the car and put on shelf,took the spare doughnut tire and jack out of my cobra before I sold it checked fit ok.never used it yet,will have to bring out the kit and look at it
  5. sorry disconnected,the washer tank is in front corner of fender
  6. my 07 comes from the pass side fender to firewall then to the hood liner under
  7. yes thanks,took panel off, found parts of plastic wheel in bottom of door will have to order new regulator.also noticed they left in original speakers on door behind door panel,will leave the reg. in until new one comes,does not look to hard yet,will look upon youtube
  8. having trouble with my pass window,it works sometimes the won,t work can hear the noise in door but,any ideas before I take off panel
  9. I think they are calling heritage model,but still not right
  10. having my windshield replaced found a tag MILLENNIUM BILTMORE HOTEL 763355,not sure what city .in my 07 014 hertz
  11. good on you,if you are keeping it enjoy it and take it easy,as long as you know that the car was brought bak to spec,up here in Canada the car has to be safety checked abd a tag is put on the inside pillar saying rebuilt or altered
  12. when I got y 07 gth I removed plugs and put anti seeze on them ,my 03 mach 1 has the plugs down deep into head and some of the heads had less threads on them,so I am more paranoid,a buddy had one blow out of his lightnig trk
  13. ha ha not to jack but my 07 hertz also has the 91 sticker onfiller door and the K.N filter n it but not sure about the tune.
  14. finaly found a lower grille on ebay, shows a alum.one,only 75.00 can,ordered it will see what it looks like.just have to cut out for fog lites,allready have new cones for lites,for that price cannot go wrong CANVAUTO **2718
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