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  1. Yep. The dealer screwed up and drilled my front bumper while "prepping" my car - fresh off the truck (even though I had in writing on the order not to do that). They admitted fault, and the dealer body shop repaired and painted the front bumper cover - did a really nice job. A couple months later I had OEM stipes put on - looks perfect. Good luck - I agree that Shelby's should have stripes! BTW, mrfarmdog (Stuck on you graphics) has a template for the rear letters that is helpful. Sween
  2. Bill - if you are looking at new head rests because the stock ones are too far forward, I can relate. I found mine to be very uncomfortable, pushing my head way too forward. My easy solution was to have my shop put them in a hydraulic press and bend them back a little. Good luck... Sween
  3. Great story. Funny how some people in the waiting room have zero response to a Shelby pulling up to the window, while others can't hold back their reaction. Is that yours? Yes, yes it is... Nice! :burnout:Nothing like the echo of throaty exhaust in a garage!
  4. Great thread, and I'll admit that I too have it pretty bad. Comes with living the dream. All the above are so true, and here are a few more for the list: - Don't like it when passengers close the door by pushing on the corner of the window glass instead of the black trim above the handle like I've asked. They just don't get it. - If I'm going somewhere new, I'll scrutinize a satellite photo of the destination especially the parking area. Is it big enough to ensure I can park in the boondocks? If not are there a lot of end spaces that are large? Is there shade? Dust? Gravel? If the risk is even moderate, forget it. - Using a lint roller to get my mats perfect. - I've taught my teens to close the trunk with the heel of their hand on the black trim of the gurney flap to avoid finger prints. - Brake dust. Argghhh! - After washing, using slow laminar flow for a rinse to minimize water beads, then blowing it dry. A routine spectacle for my neighbors. Gotta admit that this is all paying off. 9500 miles and the car is pristine. Love it more every day. Sween
  5. I've heard that Tux Black was discontinued along with Kona Blue in mid 2012 because the factory that makes the required metal flake was unfortunately affected by the Tsunami. Turns out I happened to get one of the last Kona Blue's built. Your new ride is awesome. Good luck and enjoy!
  6. Doesn't sound right to me. I have a pretty sensitive sniffer and would detect that in mine, but no hint of exhaust smell any time. Could indeed be dangerous. Get it checked under warranty.
  7. I'll confess that I merely went to a local dealer that had a striped Shelby in the showroom, explained that I need to measure the stock spacing for the stripes, then gave that data to my installer. It paid off because I got them perfectly positioned. Good luck.
  8. Welcome, and your color combo sounds sweet. Try to post some pics when you can.
  9. Congrats! Mine took 10 weeks, but that was a year ago. What ever it turns out to be it will feel like an eternity. Hang in there - getting EXACTLY what you want is well worth the wait! Good luck.
  10. Looks like a LOT of work went into making that video. Well done and fun to watch!
  11. Michael - Nice! A couple of questions on the new springs. I assume your car is a non-SVTPP. If so, did the new springs create a harsher ride? Also, are springs thee only suspension parts that you changed? Thx. Very nice color combo, BTW.
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