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  1. here is a link to why he wants that edition.......69 shelby production line http://www.thecoralsnake.com/1969Plantpics
  2. it is in the break in directions. It is to help ensure that if the car "over accelerates" during break in, the tires spin rather than being held firm by the brakes as part of traction control. It is all to reduce the risk of the clutch slipping excessively and having the friction material glaze, causing reduced clamping ability. FWIW, just drive cautiously the first few hundred miles and you will be fine. I love my new RXT.
  3. I had trouble getting the kiwi 3 to work with torque pro on either my samsung android phone or tablet. It uses a different technology for auto connecting. My kiwi 1 works fine with both. I am gonna try a kiwi 2+ later in the spring. See if the app you are using has a support forum board, and ask there.
  4. Looks good Ruf...........should be a lot of fun. I sold a gto I had picked up for kicks and grins a couple of years ago, and bought my wife a new suv last weekend.......this clears a path for me to buy a 17 or 18 mustang gt in a year or so while keeping the shelby. Am looking forward to getting it.
  5. .....plus most engineers don't really have the knowledge and/or experience to deal with this stuff pragmatically. On this kind of stuff I deal with guys who have a lot of years of hands on experience, and are way up on the learning curve. A university degree does not seem very relevant at all here. But what the heck do I know........I only have a very high hp shelby I run hard and have managed not to blow up over the last 10 years. But I guess you never know about the future....grinning. But it does suck to learn thru the experience of blowing up an engine. It would be interesting to get some opinions of experienced tuners on this issue.
  6. amazingly I just ran across a post linking to this information yesterday. Here is a listing of all recent years, including 2008....hope this helps http://www.svtperformance.com/forums/showthread.php?990927-GT500-Production-numbers
  7. ...the biggest part of running track with a supercharger is proper heat management, which certainly includes radiant heat, such as EGT..... but also includes all remaining major heat sinks (oil and coolant) as well as properly controlling IAT2s (compressed air from the supercharger). Also note that roots style superchargers actually work pretty well/efficiently for street applications, but your particular oem style quickly leaves its efficiency zone once you start spinning it hard. For tracking or running hard on the street, you need a better sc heat exchanger (preferably with fans and a larger coolant tank), and a lower (170) thermostat. The radiator should be sufficient in most applications. The newer style tvs supercharger (used in the 13-14 shelbys) is a much more efficient unit, and can be spun up higher without generating excessive heat. I am surprised that you have thrown your tuner(s) under the bus for your track misfortune. The possibility of improper oil would scare the heck out of me.....when my shelby is at the dealer, I am there watching when the work is done.....it is a small dealer and I have a great relationship with everyone there. Running a bit rich should not have been an issue with heat generation.....Ford actually has this built into their tunes at wot to control exhaust/cat heat. As for spark advance.....more of these engines are killed from excessive spark advance/detonation than just about anything else, except maybe too much rpm. Running a shelby hard at a track is much more likely to cause premature spark than anything else, which is why Ford has built a bunch of retarding features into their tune to make it extremely safe. I am sure you are frustrated with your experiences with modifying your shelby. But your damaged engine does not at all sound like a tune issue. It is much more likely to be an equipment/oiling issue of some sort, combined with running the heck out of a supercharged car on a track (a naturally aspirated engine is more more suitable for that type of driving). For monitoring many of the essential engine and drivetrain properties....I utilize a samsung tablet, a Bluetooth sender that plugs into the obd port, and an android app called torque pro. It gives me a heads up display of speed and rpm, and well as gauges for IAT2, engine temp, fuel rail pressure, and system voltage....There are about a hundred or more parameters available, but those are the ones I find useful. I believe exhaust temps are also available with this app. and FWIW......there are many folks in this world, and on this site, with multiple engineering degrees and Mensa qualifications. Most never mention this kind of stuff, because it tends to put people off, and can lead them to believe that your arguments otherwise lack factual evidence. Take care........
  8. Simply beautiful. My next musclecar may very well be a mustang gt with an auto........with the planned vmp sc I expect it to be every bit as fast on the street as my 800 hp gt500. You made a great selection.
  9. tsb is not the same as a warranty....so not covered out of warranty. Many are going with aftermarket clutches and flywheel systems......cheaper and more reliable. You might want to check into that.
  10. main thing you need to check for fitment is the intake tube........I had to ....uhhh......adjust one of the brace legs with a ball peen hammer one evening for an hour or so......
  11. could have just looked at mine silly......lol If you want....we can pull it off and you can check for clearances, etc........just a couple of minute job........let me know...John
  12. it is a great car........wish I had the ability to put one in the garage. The only negative for me is that it shows its strength on a track, and that is not one of my hobbies. For my type of driving the hp and torque on the GT350 is a little too high in the rpm range for my liking. But the vehicle is extremely sophisticated.
  13. .......not picking a side on this discussion really.....but just wanted to weigh in as an early buyer of an 07 GT500 and a heavy participant of many mustang/shelby forums from 05 on......... and yes....I paid over sticker for mine.... there was actually quite a lot of unhappiness, discussion and disgust with the adm back then, just as there is now with the GT350. No one ever likes paying more than they think is fair, and no one likes the rich guys being able to write big checks without giving a second thought to it. I acknowledge that this is the way it works in a capitalistic society, but still wish that there was a way for those of moderate income to have a decent chance of obtaining a high demand product like the gt350. just wanted to give my perspective about the way things were back then, and reassure everyone that complaining about adms is nothing new or special. of course I could also get you folks stirred up about a common thought back then that we would have preferred for ford to leave off the shelby name, just calling it an svt product, and drop the price by the cost of the licensing fee....ginning.
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