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  1. Unless you're in the market for one, why do you care ??
  2. Those are the 3 MAIN reasons, also uninterested in a car biased toward track use. Hey, I hope it sells like hot cakes,.................for the sake of my Ford stock !!
  3. May be an indication of the interest in the 2020, I know I have none..
  4. He had a good run & has gone to a better place !!
  5. My " Stat " report showed up Monday, as it's copyrighted, I won't post it here. The report confirmed what I was told back on ( 6 Feb. 2017 ), that my car is " 1 of 1 ". Looking @ the #'s, it does take into account the ( 6 ) pre-production units. I contacted Marti and asked about export cars & got no answer. The report looks a lot like the example on the Marti Auto site, with 2014 info. $ 67.00 is a small price to pay for documentation telling me my car is the ONLY ONE !!
  6. I will know more when my report shows up. I see that the SVT spreadsheet for the 2014 MY includes ( 6 ) pre-production units. I would expect nothing less from Marti. I will contact them & pose these questions. I am involved in a " rare / valuable " discussion currently on another site, to me the " rare " is the important item..
  7. The " Personal Statistics Report " just became available for MY's 13 & 14, that's why I made this thread. Many owners are frustrated by the fact that the spreadsheet only allows a production breakdown to a certain point, & won't answer the " how many " question. Maybe $ 60 is too much to spend for a ( 1 ) page report, ( not available via e-mail ), from the only accredited source for Ford history. For me, this is what I waited for since 17 May 2013. As far as what would made one's car " 1 of 1 ", who cares, it would be the only one !! ( Hope diamond, Mona Lisa, etc. )
  8. Would be more than happy to PM you when I get mine for the 14. I would expect the line items of information to vary based on how many options a given car has..
  9. The " stat " report is designed for a specific task & as such contains only enough information to reach that conclusion. If an owner is looking for ( door data plate ) info, or a list of options, & production dates, the Deluxe Marti Report may be more to their liking.
  10. We all think our cars are special, & most of us try to make them unique, in spite of the fact that they are " mass " produced. Ever wonder " how many cars like YOURS Ford built " ? Owners of the 13 / 14 MY Shelby GT500's had to rely on spreadsheets in an effort to answer this question, often resulting in frustration..... .....( spreadsheet told me my 14 was " 1 of 21 " ) . A ( Personal Statistics Report ) based on your VIN, from ( www.martiauto.com ) will finally answer that question. This one page report, ( $ 60.00 + $ 7.00 shipping ) . " We will compare your vehicle to all other vehicles of the same year and model and tell you exactly how many vehicles are like yours and what makes yours unique. NOTE: The purpose of the Personal Statistics Report is to bring your VIN as close to a one-of-one as possible. The Personal Statistics Report will use only the features necessary to reach this objective and may not include all of the features of your VIN. " . Most importantly, this documentation is recognized in the collector car world.
  11. Agree with what Norton stated above, but will add: The 2020 @ this point only comes with the DCT, a turnoff for some potential buyers, this I feel will help the 13/14 MY's hold their value. If I were looking for a car, I would stick to websites like TS, SVTP, & Fordgt500.com, cars posted on these sites will be closer to what you're looking for..
  12. If it were me: 1. Buy from an owner. 2. Complete documentation. 3. Look for something with less miles on it.
  13. Welcome to TS, congrats & good luck with the 07..
  14. No gas guzzler tax on my 11 when I ordered it, same with the 14, that started back up with the 2015 MY offerings..
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