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  1. Agree with what Norton stated above, but will add: The 2020 @ this point only comes with the DCT, a turnoff for some potential buyers, this I feel will help the 13/14 MY's hold their value. If I were looking for a car, I would stick to websites like TS, SVTP, & Fordgt500.com, cars posted on these sites will be closer to what you're looking for..
  2. If it were me: 1. Buy from an owner. 2. Complete documentation. 3. Look for something with less miles on it.
  3. Welcome to TS, congrats & good luck with the 07..
  4. No gas guzzler tax on my 11 when I ordered it, same with the 14, that started back up with the 2015 MY offerings..
  5. No KB expert but it looks LC to me, 2 lines to the left of the pulley in the pic.. .
  6. " Most " Shelby owners are paperwork crazy, keep records on everything, yours must have been owned by that 1 in a 100 who didn't..
  7. Welcome to TS. Any under hood pics you'd care to share ??
  8. Welcome to TS, sounds like a nice stable, pics ??
  9. Like other mods, how one dresses up the engine bay is a matter of taste. This thread from ( www.fordgt500.com ) may give you some ideas: .https://www.fordgt500.com/forums/7-pics-vids/113705-engine-bay-pictures.html?highlight=lets+see+your+engine .
  10. Welcome to TS, congrats on the 08..
  11. Stop looking @ grids, go to ( www.martiauto.com ), for ( $ 60.00 ), order a: PERSONALIZED STATISTICS REPORT Good for MY's up to 2012, it uses your VIN & will tell you how many cars like yours were made. I had one for my 2011, showed it was " 1 of 2 ", and it's recognized as accurate, Marti Auto has a contract with Ford..
  12. I had a Barton in my 2011, it was installed during a clutch replacement, @ my tuners shop. The other one that a lot of GT500 owners go with is MGW. These can be done in your garage & there are installation videos on the net.......Research costs nothing, good luck.
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