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  1. Your " dyno guy " is trying to take advantage of your limited knowledge, find another shop. 91 octane will be a limiting factor, I would get the car dyno'd with what you currently have to know what you're starting with. My 14 made 585 stock on a DynoJet just for comparison. With your crappy gas, I would stay away from " canned " tunes, find a shop & with with / thru them on mods, it will be safer........Good luck.
  2. And what kind of a car show would it be without an engine pic ??
  3. Gotta love a 2009 thread that's still alive. Modulare H9's - brushed gloss clear, 20 x 9 / 20 x 11 MPSS - 275/35-20 / 315/35-20
  4. Welcome back to TS, thank you for your service..
  5. Welcome to TS, nice stable, & pictures are worth 1000's of words..
  6. Congrats & good luck with the 2020..
  7. Louvered quarter window covers collect dirt & water, I went with color matched blanks. Also bought covers for the inside to hide the double sided tape. The outer covers were from American Muscle, the inner from Scott Drake.
  8. You were lucky, ALL of the pics I've seen tell a different story..
  9. Welcome to TS. What does " # 25 " mean ?
  10. Any one who has seen an intercooler where one wasn't used, knows the results. This was also a big issue on the S197 site, members swapping intakes on their 5.0's found the insides caked with crud..
  11. Can't help you there, didn't lower either car..
  12. I've had good luck with Kooks on 2 GT500's. What I found with their " high flow cats " on my 11, was the car threw codes. Not sure where you live, but the fix was Kooks " green " cats. I'm able to pass N.J. inspection on both cars. I run stock mufflers on both. I have no experience with ARH, other than they make a good product.
  13. Retired 11 years. Forced buy-out 2008, looking back it was the BEST decision the co. ever made for me. There is life after work !!
  14. I know my tuner changed the " rev. limiter " on my 2011, from 6250 to 6800. I would expect a tuner shop could also change the " speed " limiter. That " speed " limiter is a safety item, as you well know..
  15. Not interested. The 2015 + Mustang body style does nothing for me, so putting all kinds of tech / performance upgrades on it doesn't change the basic issue. From what little I've read, it sounds like a hell of a car, & I'm sure that all that buy one won't be disappointed.............( by the way, good pics & text )
  16. Congrats on finding an 09 with less than 7K on the clock, looks clean..
  17. Not knowing what you paid for it, @ the selling price, did you at least break even ?? I don't follow GT prices, but thought those colors pulled higher $$$$$.
  18. ADM only applies to " select " cars, & only works with people with more money than brains, MSRP has nothing to do with it..
  19. WE the buying public created ADM's,.....................enjoy !!
  20. Welcome back, congrats & good luck with the 14. Not sure about the brace, never tried to on my 14..
  21. I've had both of my GT500's flatbedded down to my tuner via AAA, never even gave it a 2nd thought. You do have to be careful & take precautions so the front splitter doesn't get damaged..
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