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  1. I used the mustang manual, not the GT500 supplement. Use one button to scroll to oil life% and another to reset, it goes to 100%. I did find the instructions to have one more step than necessary though and just did it my way and it worked.
  2. It's in your owner's manual and it involves scrolling through some of the 3 buttons near your head light switch. It's quick and easy, but i'm not near my manual to be specific. HTH
  3. Yes, Gary is licensed with Shelby and Ford. It's on his business card that he gave me.
  4. I have a 2011 Shelby Super Snake interior upgrade by Gary Disney with no fit problems and is wearing excellent. I went with the red alcantara inserts which match very close to the Super Snake red brake calipers, the car was all black stock so I don't know how close the red is to oem as well as Katzkin. Starting in 2012 Shelby had Katzkin do the interior upgrade, but you can still have Gary Disney if you ask Shelby. I'm thinking the styles and colors vary between Katzkin and Gary Disney and needs to be confirmed by Shelby. I have 6 interior pictures in my "photo" section to aid you in your decision. I'm sure you'll enjoy either one, good luck.
  5. I may be relocating back to New England and am considering if I should sell my 2011 Super Snake (11,850 miles) as the season is so short for such a car. So I'm trying to figure out what a reasonable selling price in the current market would be if I decided to sell. I have a description and 2 photos of the car in my "signature" and more "photos" in my "content". Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. I finally got to see a 2015-16 Super Snake in person at the Shelby Cruise In to the Petersen Museum yesterday. ONLY LOOKING at it, I saw an excellent finished product exterior and interior wise. The car looks even better in person than the pictures, the best looking version of the 15-16 in my opinion. I spoke with Gary S. from Shelby and was told the 15-16 Super Snake is targeted at track cars as it has high HP, but the torque is less with the 5.0 than past GT500 Super Snakes with the 5.4 and 5.8's. I would recommend going to the Shelby Bash for a free ride-a-long as Steve mentioned. It may convince you for the Track Experience that would be applied towards purchase. At the very least there may be 15-15 Super Snakes to look at and owners to talk to. A plane ticket may be worthwhile as the Bash is a great experience (I've been to one so far) along with fun in Vegas
  7. My 3.6 LC KB is lukewarm after dyno pulls and running on the streets. Can hold your hand on it.
  8. I have a 2011 Super Snake and live in the Inland Empire, Menifee. Haven't been to Willow raceway yet. Annual gathering of Super Snakes in Gardena sounds interesting.
  9. Maybe someone could confirm that the lit part of the lighted door sill plate can be changed like the other interior lights, please? Just would want to know for sure before ordering, thank you.
  10. Great, as I would like red. The Store's photos all show blue, but if yours are red then they must be able to be changed like the other interior lights? Thank you for your reply.
  11. Is the lit portion of the lighted door sill plate always blue or can that color be changed like the rest of the interior lights?
  12. CSM11SS0037- Black w/Matte Black Stripes, 800HP Coupe from Essex, Vermont.
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