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  1. Confirmed that they are in fact Forgiato GTR's. Went to a dealer here in Portland yesterday. Priced at $6400 for the staggered set. Unfortunately, way way overpriced IMO. Very cool looking though
  2. Looks like they are Forgiato GTR special build... Priced in the $5k-ish ballpark.
  3. Ok, here's another cool set of wheels on a Shelby that I really like but can't figure out who makes them. Anyone help identify the manufacturer & model of these?? Thanks!!
  4. Thanks for restating my question more eloquently ;-)
  5. Best pics straight from the source http://iceninegroup.net/2013/01/13/carroll-shelby-tribute/
  6. Yeah , I posted 2x and then realized that these are the same (or very similar) wheels on both cars. My bad Anyhow.. I did reach out to Shelby American. They didn't know about the wheel manufacturer but did state it was IceNine Group that built the Shelby tribute car. I also contacted both IceNine and Modulare but haven't had any return communication from either party as of yet. I would like to think that since the Shelby Tribute Car was built in 2012, that there would be some verbiage or discussion specifically about these wheels online somewhere. So far I haven't come across it.
  7. Need some help identifying the model numbers of the wheels in the attached pic? Where to get them? Can anyone supply a link?
  8. Can you be a bit more specific? Share a link, model #, or vendor? Thanks!
  9. Who manufactures these wheels? Model or part #?
  10. I ended up going with the RXT. However, I was recently speaking with the guys down at All Ford & Blue Oval about changing the 'slave cylinder' with the change of the clutch? what does this mean? Is there a recommended part# Ford racing, McLeod, or other? Can someone speak to this? What are your thoughts?
  11. coincidentally my sister lives in Yelm and her hubby works for General Dynamics at FT. Lewis. Our deepest condolences and peace go out to Mark , Barbie and their families. It's very unfortunate that peace must come at such a high price. God bless the armed forces and what they do everyday to keep us free and safe. tDUBw
  12. 2 hot dogs or 2 hamburgers will be suffice + 3 or 4 Arizona diet green tea if you please
  13. Hi Rob Julie and I are planning on attending again this year. 07 Vista Blue w/white badtony
  14. Badtony Blue w/white Stripes 2007 GT500 Sounds fun! Julie & I will plan to be there If you need some volunteers for setting up etc.. Let me know.
  15. sooooo... are we talking about this problem of chatter or what feels like the shakes as still occurring after all the TSB repairs have been completed ? And if so , is Ford again saying this is 'norml'
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