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  1. why were these never made in tan/parchment
  2. ive gotten everything i ordered form them. sometime you have to wait a bit as they are pre-orders but, they showed up i got the bezels, duct kit, light kit.
  3. these guys are making things happen. send your requests to them https://www.carrollshelbyracing.com/store/p347/*PRE-ORDER*_Shelby_GT_Engine_Bay_Cap_Set_(6_piece_set).html?fbclid=IwAR3Low6MMZMZ8wUVgk_Yz_-ERS6OhbZhZaXFjYgx4Tg2Y-ByIzotQyO_M-o#/
  4. here you go get in on the pre-order https://www.carrollshelbyracing.com/store/p347/*PRE-ORDER*_Shelby_GT_Engine_Bay_Cap_Set_(6_piece_set).html?fbclid=IwAR3Low6MMZMZ8wUVgk_Yz_-ERS6OhbZhZaXFjYgx4Tg2Y-ByIzotQyO_M-o#/
  5. passed a white SGT on enterprise blvd in orange city yesterday. lookin good!
  6. The only "official" snake allowed on the SGT ;)
  7. i have been told the black with parchment 5 sp with IUP is 1 of 69.
  8. i kind of think it is the impeller spring flexing but, i did not expect it to make noise.
  9. im in the 10 yr club as well. paid off a few years back. still looks new. still love the look and sound and feel. never had a car so long. will never have another so long.
  10. ok i didnt realize this thread had gone on. the "thunk" i get is straight line. with an elevation change. like if a new section of road is paved and you go over that "lip" onto new pavment. if it is a hard sudden change like that. it thunks. kinda sounds like it might be more to the left side but, it absolutely started the day of the watts link install. cornering seems great. and straight line accel is fine. hard braking is fine. only an elevation change at speed causes it.
  11. i got mine on Jers' recommendation. he has not steered me wrong yet. i love it. i do get kind of a "thunk" sound if it is a large enough bump. but, the feel of the car is much tighter.
  12. yea cant send msgs. if this sale doesnt go through let me know John.
  13. yup i report the ones i see. haven't seen any lately
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