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  1. Steals and Deals on Shelby Performance Parts

    - limited to quantities on hand - no back orders - cannot be combined with other offers -



    Borla Exhaust



    Upgrade your 4.6L Mustang GT or 07-09 GT500's exhaust with Borla's Touring Exhaust.

    Retail $829.00 now $699.00. Click here now to order. Limited quantities available.



    Shelby Front Anti-Roll Sway Bar



    Improve the handling characteristics of your Mustang or Shelby with our anti-roll sway bars.

    Retail $249.99 now $49.99. Click here now to order. Limited quantities available.



    Shelby Rear Anti-Roll Sway Bar



    Improve the handling characteristics of your Mustang or Shelby with our anti-roll sway bars.

    Retail $319.99 now $69.99. Click here now to order. Limited quantities available.



    Ford Racing Anti-Roll Sway Bar Set



    Made for the 2007-2012 Shelby GT500 coupe, you won't find these anywhere else for this price.

    Retail $460.00 now $179.99. Click here now to order. Limited quantities available.




    Ford Racing GT500 Strut Tower Brace



    Upgrade your factory original GT500 brace with a single construction with a GT500KR engine brace.

    Retail $255.00 now $179.00. Click here now to order. Limited quantities available.



    Shelby Borla Turbo Exhaust



    If your looking for a more aggressive sound and a performance gain from your Mustang GT, Shelby GT500 or Shelby GT, these Borla Turbo mufflers are the answer!.

    Retail $599.25 now $339.00. Click here now to order. Limited quantities available.



    Shelby Adjustable Control Arm



    Dramatically improving your vehicle response and predictability.

    Retail $146.95 now $96.99. Click here now to order. Limited quantities available.



    Shelby Adjustable Lower Control Arms



    The Shelby Rear Lower Control Arms are precision matched for the ultimate in handling.

    Retail $199.95 now $129.95. Click here now to order. Limited quantities available.

  2. S10MK-1447-C-2.jpg


    Dress up your GT500 with these high quality billet aluminum "Shelby GT500" emblems.


    The kit includes the front grille receiver with the Snake and both side wings assembled. They also include the left and right fender "Shelby" and "GT500" side wing emblems.


    The side emblem wings are made from billet aluminum and feature the same size, dimension and quality as the ones used on the Shelby GT500KR, GT500 40th and GT500 Super Snake.



    2010-2012 GT500



    2 x "Shelby" badges.

    2 x "GT500" badges.

    2 x Front grill receivers and installation hardware.



    Installation does require slight modification to your stock grill.


    Release Date:

    New Product Release: 30 Mar 2012


    Click here to order or call 702.405.3500

  3. Recently, two photos of the Shelby 1000 were edited tongue-in-cheek to inspire those at Shelby American who had worked so hard to develop the car.


    While the images were not supposed to be used outside of the company, they were accidentallyincluded in a group distributed to announce the new car. When asked about the validity of the photos, the Shelby American team immediately explained that we allowed the photographer to have some creative fun during his shoot and they were never intended to represent the car in any other light than what was written.



    The Shelby 1000 is a fantastic car with tremendous capabilities and stands on its own, as demonstrated in stories by respected media outlets who drove it. We never expected the photos to be taken as statement of fact and always rely on our written and spoken words to represent the facts; no one intended to be misleading, just have some fun. The Shelby American team regrets any misunderstanding or confusion that might have resulted from these photos.


    I invite everyone to come see the Shelby 1000 in person at the New York International Auto Show next week. We will unveil it during a press conference at 1:40 PM EDT on Thursday, April 5, in the Javits Center."


    John Luft, President, Shelby American, Inc.

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  4. Hello All,


    We are less than one week away. Below is some important info to remember.


    1. Check –in is at South Point Casino March 14th in the Monterey Room first floor from 12pm-7pm.

    2. You must show ID at check-in to get your packets.

    3. Once you pick up your package you must have your tickets with you for every night or you will not get in.

    4. For those of you driving from CA you will receive your packages in Gardena. You will receive a Gift Bag Ticket in your packet you can turn this in at the South Point Check-in after the Run.

    5. Remember it is one gift bag per package.

    6. Wednesday March 14th night Event is the Guitar Center Shelby American Show. It is at Guitar Center 6587 S. Las Vegas BLVD Suite B172 from 7pm-10pm. Maps will be provided at Check-in

    7. All Tec inspection sheets in your package must be filled out before you arrive to tec.

    8. All night’s except Friday night are casual. Friday night banquet is business casual.


    Look for a few more emails with details!!!!



    Sharon Elliott

  5. We have tweaked the forum somewhat today to improve load speed as well as some load and readability issues.


    Should you wish to use the old forum look (prior to 07 Feb 12), please click on "Change Theme" on the lower left hand side of the page. As a note though, the old skin will be discontinued shortly.


    The next version of Team Shelby is well under way and will be out within 60-days and will focus on improved speed and other functional enhancements. The overall look and feel of the site will not change though.


    Robert Lane

  6. Shelby K-Member Support Plates




    Shelby American's K-member support plates were designed to help prevent the floor pans from twisting under under the stress of high torque and road racing applications. These plates weld onto the sub-frame and the K-member bolts through them, thus allowing the force to be spread out over a much wider surface. Our plates were developed and tested under the scrutinizing eyes of the Shelby American Motorsports shop and are made from high strength steel to our exacting specifications.



    2005-2013 Mustang, Mustang GT, Shelby GT500 and Boss 302 models.



    This install requires an experienced technician.


    New Product Release:

    26 January 2012


    Genuine Shelby American


    For more information, please click here.

  7. The winter holiday season is here - so break out the hot cocoa, your favorite tea or egg nog to keep yourself warm while inside.




    Should you venture to go outside though, Shelby American has some attractive apparel to show off your favorite brand. And our latest Shelby American 3 in 1 jacket is perfect for all seasons. It features a light weight windbreaker that zips together with a heavy weight jacket to form a very nice cold weather jacket. The outer jacket comes with an insulated hood and "Shelby" written in bold silver letters. Both jackets have a small Shelby American logo embroidered on the front left and a large logo embroidered on the back. Click here to check out this product.


    You can view more jackets here or sweaters here.

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  8. Shelby GT500 Brake Rotor Upgrade Kit




    Shelby American and Wilwood are pleased to announce an all new high performance front and rear brake upgrade kit for the Shelby GT500 or Mustangs using the GT500s Brembo brake caliper system. If you desire better braking performance on the street and at the track, this race inspired system is what your Shelby or Mustang needs.


    The front upgrade utilizes the stock 14”x1.25”rotor dimensions while being manufactured from an all new proprietary iron alloy called Spec 37. Wilwood developed this new iron to withstand extreme temperature cycling with the highest possible degree of resistance against distortion, warping, cracking and wear. Every Spec 37 rotor is precision machined to less than .001” run-out, flatness and parallelism, then individually dynamically balanced. All of this adds up to the smoothest braking and longest rotor life on the market.


    The Spec 37 rotors are bolted to a forged billet aluminum rotor hat using special 12 point stainless steel, high strength bolts that can be safety wired for racing applications. The combination of the two piece rotor and hat reduces rotating and un-sprung weight by 15% over the stock cast iron rotor. The rear rotors retain the stock dimensions also and are manufactured from a premium grade of cast iron.


    Both front and rear rotors are treated to Wilwood’s drilling, slotting, and special e-coat process. The drilling and slotting enhances the styling, while providing smoother pad engagement. The e-coating adds a rust resistant finish to the entire rotor; including the interior of the vanes and the drilled areas where uncoated surfaces can begin to rust.


    This engineered package is completed with a set of high performance pads and braided stainless steel brake lines. The specially formulated pads have a far higher co-efficient of friction and higher temperature range than factory replacement pads. The braided stainless brake lines improve pedal feel and provide quicker braking response for more consistent braking lap after lap.


    Click here for more product information.

  9. Robert,


    Sorry to be a PITA, but I can't seem to get the Mobile version to work on any platform I own...


    Windows 7 PC, Apple iPad 1 or Sprint EVO 4G Smartphone all show a blank blue screen when I switch versions...


    Now, I know it used to work, as I was able to use the Mobile version for a couple of days right after you made the switch...


    Quit working about the time you fixed the C-E-N-T-E-R-E-D text problem, if that is any help... THANKS!



    We tested it on two iPads here and it displays fine. Are you clicking under the change theme link?


    Looks good in EVO too.

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