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  1. It was used but no work was done to it. Just turned over 6,000 miles today. I did not think it was a big deal really. Pulley swap with jlt cai, American racing headers 1 7/8 OFF ROAD X, roush off road extreme exhaust... That's it
  2. I am pretty sure 13. I did not do the pull but they told me 13. Did it at this shop.. http://ctperformance.net/ Here is the Dyno website http://www.dynocom.net/catalog/type.asp?iType=29 I am going to swap the throttle body out this winter and do a better pull hopefully. I will try and take a better video as well, that was my first dyno ever and I was going deaf and forgot to go to the computer to show the chart. Up in my first post my dyno read out is an attached thumbnail.
  3. Ok so navigation.com charges $199 to update the maps for the built in GPS on 2008 model. Anyone know a work around to update the stock nav?
  4. You can check out lethal performance this month. All moroso tanks are 15% off. Coolant and oil tanks. Might could get it cheaper. Discount code is mor15 I think.
  5. Nope. Going to do TB soon to compete the induction and exhaust portions. Then going to tackle the cooling mods.
  6. I got my car off the Dyno the other day with impressive numbers for stock blower. 597 RWHP & 607 torque. Jon Lund tune, American Racing headers, JLT CAI, pulley swap, Roush exhaust and 93 octane. Also, it was 107 degrees here in central Texas at the time of the Dyno Pull.
  7. Well I found a great little shop in Kempner. http://ctperformance.net/ Check um out. The website is a bit basic but great service and knowledge. Appointment only.
  8. Any good install threads for American racing headers w/o cats 1 7/8 on a 2008 GT500? Pics would be great! Lesson learned and "watch out for..." is also welcome. Thanks
  9. Thanks Mr. Marquez. Mine is the 2008 white with blue. Its been in the garage most of the year because I am deployed. I have seen another white w. blue in the area also. My wife tells me a black one is in the area as well now. I also saw a pair of Roush 427s near wal-mart on my R&R. I am open for suggestions for any other places. I am going to install the american racing headers w/o cats, Roush Performance exhaust, 3.73, Ebiach suspension handling package, and new tune. I have checked out sprockets and just need to get some help from some buddies, but the gear heads in my unit are few and far between and I am also a novice mechanic. Thanks again
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