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  1. Can anybody who lives in or is familiar with the area around Summit Point Motor Park and Winchester, WV give me an idea what else there is to do within an hour or so drive of the track. I am looking for things to do Thursday afternoon, June 6 before the Team Shelby party at the Winchester Hotel that evening. I see there are a lot of historical locations and small museums around the area but I’m looking for things fellow Team Shelby members would find interesting to do if they are not tracking their cars. Luray Caverns looks great and has a small carriage and car museum and is slightly more than an hour from the hotel but I just want to see if there is anything that could be an option that I have not found.
  2. Peter I love the new picture of the car with the fog! Yes I'm in on this also. For anybody who did not attend the event that John K put together last year at Carlisle it was truly an epic event and one for the history books of Shelby gatherings.
  3. Car season may be almost over but on November 3, two weeks after the regional SAAC show in Hershey, Dee and I are planning on cruising from Wyomissing PA to the Orange County Choppers Café in Newburgh, NY with the Boss and the Shelby, weather permitting of course. This is a 165 mile road trip for us and because we have children with us we will be stopping once along the way, probably in New Jersey. The route for us will be North on RT 222 from Reading to RT 78 East. We will pick up RT 287 North near Somerset NJ. From there we will pick up RT 87 North (the New York State Thruway) near Suffern, NY and continue to exit 17 which is Newburgh. Anybody who is interested in joining us on this trip please let me know and I can get you the exact route plan and what time we plan on leaving Wyomissing. Edit for the date change.
  4. I think it takes one Shelby nut to keep other Shelby nuts happy. Great story and thank you Jer for providing customer service above and beyond what has been offered in the past.
  5. Things like that are great to hear. Congratulations on the position Jer hopefully your ideas will help keep the natives from getting too restless. I have ordered things from SPP two times and I have been very happy with the short time it took things to arrive both times. I was however a little unhappy with how things were packed from the vendor who makes the coil covers and cap sets as the box arrived smashed. While I guess we can blame UPS mostly for that, the items inside while in bubble wrap were very loose in the box sliding and bouncing all over the place and they may have been part of the problem with the box getting beat up with the items shifting around in the box. Also it might be worth noting on the website that some items are always listed as “out of stock” because they are made to order, like the coil covers and cap set which I did not initial know and was always waiting for them to show as in stock to order. I’ll finish with a question, do the gift certificates ever expire, I do not see an expiration date on them.
  6. The question is, was there an upfront substantial investment for the initial tooling to make the rims as well as the paying for the order and each subsequent order only requires payment for the actual order or is the substantial investment that they have to order a huge minimum quantity each time? Either way to me the Alcoa rims have sort of become a brand thing that everybody easily recognizes at first sight as “Shelby”. The cost must have been huge for them to throw away that brand recognition because it is not so easily or cheaply built.
  7. While we working the Shelby Booth at the NY Auto Show my son was talking to a guy who when he found out we had a brand new boxed set of Alcoas sitting in my basement with center caps offered him 4k for the set, we politely declined. Supply and demand for sure but glad I have them when I look at the replacement.
  8. Perhaps now they will release some numbers on the 2013 SS now, 850 hp seems rather tame with a 4.0 blower bolted on the top of that engine engine however.
  9. Missed that show because Dee got stuck in Florida sadly how was it?
  10. Did that advice happen to be the purchase of a black car with gold stripes?
  11. Adams must have something that will take that right out.
  12. I have to drop my car at Carlisle that morning and was heading down to Summit Point from there so I guess I'm in, I just need to know what time I can drop my car off to really confirm.
  13. In addition to the vultures circling overhead there will no doubt be a few people that will try to pass off items with fake signatures, we all know the saying, caveat emptor.
  14. I just saw the website for this but confirmed with Gary back on January 5th, do I still need to do the website registration?
  15. Registered and booked, now can somebody make time move a little faster please?
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