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  1. My uncle and I both bought GT500 Shelby's in 2007. He passed away in September and his wife would like to sell his car. The car has less than 10K on it. He took it to Florida last October to drive it during the winter months (2013) and never got to. Had to come right back home to Michigan for surgery. Both of our cars have never been driven in the rain or winter months. I will find out the actual mileage when I get to Florida. It's super clean. I am driving to Florida to get the car shipped back to Michigan to sell. If there is someone on this forum that lives in Florida and would like to see the car please contact me @ 810-602-8301. Ron was very anal about his car as we all are. It's Black with a black top and black interior. The car is located in the Villages.
  2. Grabber- The car runs fine, and I believe the tire sensors cleared as you mentioned. I drove the car 50 miles yesterday. I have the battery disconnected right now so when I get home from work I will hook it back up and see how things are looking. I had a battery tender on the car when I went to start it yesterday and it was dead. I had driven the car about two weeks ago with no issues. My car has never been driven in the rain or any bad weather it's very clean top and bottom. I wonder if I am having alternator problems, the car has 10,200 miles on it, but it is 6 years old. I am just trying to avoid taking it to a dealership, have not had good experiences with other vehicles.
  3. Thanks for the good ideas, I will check the grounds and connections and see if there is an issue there.
  4. I knew this day was coming with my 07 nearly 7 years old. Today was beautiful here in Michigan so I decided to take the Shelby out for a drive, dead battery. Replaced the battery and I am experiencing some electrical problems. The gas gauge, CD player and tire censors are not working properly. So have any of you experienced any issues with battery replacement? Is there some way to reset the electrical system?
  5. Changed the oil and fired her up and now there is no oil pressure showing on the analog gauge HELP! Anyone have ideas as to what is going on?
  6. It's been some time since I have visited the Shelby store, I can't seem to find the link. Where is it located?
  7. Hi John,

    It was cocl running in to you. You were the only one I saw from the group last weekend. Hopefully Team Shelby will have another event next year that I can participate in. Hope you had a safe trip home. Take Care...........

  8. Wade it was cool to see you at Mustang Alley! Next time you need to come hang out with us!

  9. Hi John, Hope to see you all on Woodward Saturday.

    I would love to get my hands on a meatball decal, are there any extras that can be purchased? Scott Wade 810-602-8301

    Do you guys plan to drive down Woodward any paticular time on Friday or Saturday, I would like to join the train if possible.

  10. Hi Mike, Glad to hear you guys can make it again this year. I was wondering if you might have an extra Meatball decal that I could purchase? 810-602-8301 Scott Wade

  11. Hey! Thanks for the bday wish! I plan on being up there for the Dearborn event and on Woodward so we will have to get together!

  12. Happy B-day John, Hope to run into you during the Woodward cruise.

  13. Even though this response is way after the original post I say we all meet somewhere local since 4 or 5 os us are from Rochester/Rochester Hills. A couple of us tried the Culvers on M-24 but never saw another Shelby.

  14. Was the house for the heat exchanger long enough? Did you have to modify it at all? Thanks Scott
  15. I heard a rumor there is a Shelby show and swap meet at Ford World Headquarters this Sunday May 30th. Has anyone else heard this and do you know what time it starts?
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