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  1. I was wondering on this kit, seams to have great output for the price. If anyone has on a Shelby GT with auto, was wondering on the performance/driving impressions. Thanks...jason
  2. Very funny, my story was the same: I flew out to Vegas for business (of the monkey kind) and rented an H. Lots of fun and I thought it was at least as real as the old Shelby's.
  3. These stripes were junk from the beginning $700 to paint them on was the best money spent. Got tired of people saying are sure there is only 9k on your car. Read the reviews or look at a new GTS garbage stripes.
  4. Sorry about your loss, our house has been flooded 2x in 3 weeks in NYS. As everyone else has said: families fine, then life is good!! Keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers...jason
  5. Great choice!!! You will be very happy and drive and not have to worry do I have dew on my stripes??? All the best...jason
  6. I am a paraplegic and cannot use my left leg. Honestly, I have had allot of Mustangs and Porsche's before I was hurt. The new autos are excellent, you could never shift that fast. Down side would be at a road course. I hope all works out for you and you dont have to go down that route. All my best...jason
  7. Mike, Keep me in mind for the next cruise, I am in Middletown NY. Do you go to the Saturday night Orange County Mustang meets in Middletown? See you around some time. All my best...jason
  8. Just paint them on and get the scoop done so the car actually looks like a "new" car, that you can actually take it to show and not have people ask it came that way, with a cheesy stripe up the center of the scoop and dull stripes and scoop. So tired of these issues!!!
  9. This is exactly what happened to me: pulled up to a local Mustang club show and then got out and took one look at my stripes with 9,000 miles. Got back in the car and went back home. The striped looked like they had a 110k on them. I am not sure what it cost for the vinyl to be removed and replaced. But the painting charge of $700 was well worth it: hood scoop and stripes now match and the white strip matches the car. I have had 5 Saleen's and this was the same issue: quality sucks. I was hoping that the Shelby would be as "factory" as possible. Frankly, if I wasn't a paraplegic, I would have bought a factory Shelby AKA 500. All my best...jason
  10. Please do yourself a favour and get the stripes painted on, if you plan on keeping the car!
  11. Same for me. Painted on, can feel the stripe, just make sure they shoot the scoop!
  12. You will love them, painted on, drove my car through a rain storm and parked in the garage. 7 days later washed and waxed, not sitting there worried about chamois/wiping down as soon as I got home. Just make sure they shoot the scoop at the same time!! Best of luck...jason
  13. Just my 2 cents worth...got mine painted for $700, could've be happier, they did the scoop at the same time. Looks great and can be washed, clayed, waxed. This whole issue is very frustrating! Good luck!! Jason
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