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  1. Sorry OP but I agree with stevedm. The first thing I thought of was 'this is a bad idea'. I am sure you are not the first person to do this here but I just do not feel like this is smart. Nitto has rim width recommendations for each of their tires for a reason and that reason is saftey and the optimal working conditions of the tire itself. if that tire was meant to fit on rims smaller than 10inches they would say such so they could expand the useful range of the tire and sell more. Am I crazy here?
  2. Thank you for taking the time to take these pictures. Turned out awesome! Are you going to put the pulley swap here too? Keep up the good work! I think I speak for lots of people in saying we appreciate it.
  3. Fellow member 'big dan' has what I think are these exact rims and tire sizes. I think he added a small spacer but also didn't cut anything. I guess the proof is in the pudding. I love install threads like this. EXTREMELY relevant. Those are wild lug nuts by the way...and is that the hub centric spacer?
  4. Fantastic! The is always a lot of talk about rims and tires but here is actual install and pics! I love it, very mean looking, like it's ready for the drags. I would love to see some more pics of the step by step process....do you have any? Thank you!
  5. That should make for a very noticeable difference. Good grip and great sound...
  6. Kona with red striped is amazing. Look up forum member stevedm. He has one of the nicest combos out there.
  7. Great color combo. I Love all the doors on it. Thanks for the pics!
  8. I don't have much to offer but that trailer looks sweet. Post pics if you get it.
  9. Sweet. Forum member stevedm has a car that is 1 of 8 then...pretty rare.
  10. How about kona blue, svtpp, red stripes, electronics, glass roof.
  11. The first time it was posted was just the mustang order guide, not specific to the gt500. Thank you for posting, I now know for sure to keep my 2010 until the 13s are out.
  12. http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php?/topic/61174-more-pics/page__p__1042110__hl__stevedm__fromsearch__1#entry1042110 This guy has one of the nicest cars on the forum. The color combo and glass roof look awesome.
  13. Filter and oil drain is in plain sight and easy to access. PM stevedm for a pic. He had his car on a lift a few weeks ago and has pics of everything.
  14. A rattle? Have you ever gotten a rattle from a windshield? I have not. This roof is the same safety glass as the windshield.
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