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  1. they have a TSB for squeaky front end has to do with control arms.
  2. Love the color, ruby red and white stripes is the perfect combination. It looks like my car except I have the Glass roof. Just love your car best color there is.
  3. My car is doing it too. Ford has a TSB for it. It has to do with the bushings. They order the parts for my car
  4. I would say something is wrong with the car you tested. A 3rd gear pull on the highway is the best gear pull for this car. Having owned a 2012 with SVT pack, the 2013 on the highway would walk circles around my 2012 GT500 at any speed no comparison between the two. The 2013 and 2014 is the least effected by heat soak, so the car is not effected as much by the heat as the older GT500's. If you thought the older GT500's felt stronger than something is wrong with the car you drove. A 2013 will put allot of distance on highway against the other years stock vs stock.
  5. Torque wins drag racing, put the same tires and the same gearing as the Roush stage 3 has and the GT500 will win. The GT500 has the more powerfull motor its torque comes on sooner and it has more of it. The GT500 with better gearing and traction will beat the Roush because it has more Torque. Torque wins the battles. The times they turned in the GT500 are not much better than a Boss mustang they need a driver mod for that GT500 he sucked.
  6. Actual far as which will be worth the most in time 99.9% sure the Shelby will be worth more. The 2013 gt500 has the biggest motor of the late model factory cars and the most power from the factory and it will be the one that collectors will want to get a hold of. Only thing holding back the GT500 is tires which can be fixed easily with a set of super sports. The GT500 was setup for high speed not drag racing. Change the gears and tires and the GT500 will dominate the Roush because of its torque advantage which also wins races.
  7. I agree if they wanted to make it fair they would have switched drivers. Also the 1/4 mile times for the GT500 was really slow. Change tires to some Super Sports and the outcome would be different those Goodyears suck.
  8. If the car is stock and you are having problems never add a tune it will void your warranty. I would call SVT about the low horsepower and give them the dyno numbers and all the info like the horsepower flat lining at 5000 RPM's and above. Also if the other GT500 was stock and made 80 more horsepower on the same Dyno tell SVT about that. There are some dealers that have people that know what they are doing you just have to find one. I'm lucky I have a dealership who has great guys to work with.
  9. Take it to the dealer get the rear end fixed and tell them about the low power feel. No way should your sons STI hang with your car. Your 2010 gt500 should not feel faster either. I had a 2010 GT500 and it does not even come close to my 2013 in feel are power. My 2013 pulled my 2010 so bad it was not even a race. I say you have a motor problem maybe a bad coil are a weak one. Get it checked out.
  10. My dealer has a brand new 2013 loaded grabber blue gt500 all options glass roof except recaros for 500 over invoice pm for further info
  11. I have a 2013 GT500 that has over 10,000 miles on it and some of them hard. It has never given me any problems at all. Never been in the shop for anything its perfect and always puts a smile on my face every time I drive it. Get it with the Glass Top its the best thing I ever did when ordering it. Would not have one without it.
  12. Yes go for it the torsen rearend is worth every penny. It makes no noise like the base rear end will after a few miles.
  13. Hey Joey life on this earth is really short and you never know when your time is up. So if you can get your dream car now get it. I was like you living at home just out of college and got my dream car early and do not regret it. Paying rent to line someone pockets is just stupid in my book. At 46 my House is paid off, I paid cash for my cars and have no debt to speak of. I had a good paying job out school and worked on paying all my debt off while living at home. So when I did move out I was debt free and that's something that allot of people never experience. Your parents are doing you a big favor and make the most of it. In that time you need to also set aside some of your money and invest it. The stock market helped me out allot. At your age start an investment account and do the research it will only help you in the long run and the sooner the better. If you can swing it get your dream car and make sure you set some of the cash aside you are saving by living at home. Not everyone gets a chance like you so make the most of it. Time is something you cannot buy more of so make the most of it and use it wisely. Also when buying a car make sure you look it over with a fine tooth comb and make the dealer take notes of anything you see that needs to be addressed before you buy. Being your first big purchase take it slowly and make it wright. Enjoy which ever car you get. I have driven both and the Shelby is the one I bought. The Shelby just looks worlds better to me, sounds better and it is faster which is something you can really feel. The Shelby is all about the motor which is the way I like it.
  14. I have not had gear whine since the 2007. My 2007 had it and the dealer trying to fix it made it worst. So I went with 3.73 and had a guy I know that is an expert install them and the gear whine went away. Make sure they know what they are doing or they could make it worst. This 2013 has been perfect quiet as a church mouse.
  15. I can hear it in the Video. Gear whine is a result of not setting the gears up propertly. Depending how they set it up you can have it at lower speeds or higher speeds. Its not uncommon for gear whine to occur at a certain MPH.
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