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  1. They just posted on their FB page that the Billet engine cap sets arrived and will be shipping individual orders soon. They were the first part they did so figure the rest should be following in the next month or so.
  2. Never had any issues with the underdrive pulleys when I had them. I think the issues you're describing mostly happened on older cars. These mod motor cars handle them with no issue. I enjoyed the 4.10's also, switched them to 3.73 when I added the SC.
  3. I run the BBK 1 5/8 Ceramic coated with the matching catted X pipe on mine. Never had any issues with heat or clearance, and there's no smog check here in VA. As long as the cats are there it's legal here. I'm supercharged now, but wasn't at the time of the install. I did have a custom tune done when I installed them so I didn't get any codes. Good luck with your decision. Jeff
  4. I have the FR Hot Rod cams on mine with the Kenne Bell 2.6L and I'm making plenty of power, dyno'd at 511 to the wheels. Don't know if the numbers would go up with the detriot rockers, but if I take the motor any higher it'll probably grenade itself. Love the sound of them and also helping my decision was the fact that they don't require you to upgrade the stock valve springs, I didn't want to change them at the time of the install. Jeff
  5. When I spoke to a rep at PIAA I was told the direct replacement for the 510 SMR extremes were the PIAA LP530 white driving light (LED). He told me they are discontinuing all halogen lights as they run out of stock and all will be LED going forward. He said these should be the same size and should bolt up and fit like the 510's. Not sure about wiring harness. The 520's are a lot bigger than the 510's in size. You can go the PIAA site and still look at both the 510 and 520. One of the pics is the dimensions of the lights, big difference. I Do remember when I installed mine I used the stock pigtails that came on the car and spliced them in so that when I turn on my parking lights and pull the switch out they come on just as the OEM fogs would have. If I remember correctly Shelby just ziptied the original fog light pig tails under the car after they removed the grill and original fog's (08's not sure about 07's). I haven't ordered them yet, but I do need to cause I have a chip in one of my lenses and they no longer make replacement parts as well. When I get them I'll post up info about them. Jeff
  6. Installed the C's this past weekend, set them all to 3 to start out since that's what the instructions said was a good starting point. Gonna try the 5.5 6.0 setting you talked about to see how I like it. Thanks again for the info Andy, your posts definitely helped me decide whether to go adjustable or non adjustable.
  7. Lol, that was argumentative? I have no issues here, and I've been here since 2010, also not relevant. Was merely pointing out something you pointed out and it's non relevance to the op's question. Apparently you took offense to that. Not sure what road you wanted to go down and why there was a need to edit your comments, are you angry or something? You have a nice day too.
  8. Yeah, still not relevant to the OP's question other than pointing out his SC was installed at a date after the original delivery of the car.
  9. Get a set of the aluminum ones that came on the 2008 SGT's. Make sure you use aluminum screws to avoid the corrosion problem. Should be safe with that set up. You can either get the new hoodpin covers from the Shelby auction site on ebay, or you might be able to get the entire kit from Shelby if you call them and explain that you were in an accident and need to order a new set. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-Mustang-Shelby-GT-Hood-Pin-Covers-Only/183625003410?hash=item2ac0e73192:g:QF0AAOSw42dZHd68 Jeff
  10. Thanks, gonna check it out and see what I can get to match. I did order a set of vinyl stickers in the darker blue on ebay just to see how it would look. The font looks close and the letters are 1/2 inch, so they should be correct sizing https://www.ebay.com/itm/282109659719. I'll post up a pic when I get them. if they don't look right. I'm gonna order them from DIY lettering. I previewed them and they look correct.
  11. Not quite sure what this has to do with anything. You can still get an 07 SGT upgraded to GT/SC with a Ken Bell SC. No where in the OP's write up does it say he upgraded it in 2007. A Ken bell stage 2 kit is the SC and the 130mm KB oval throttle body and tune if the tune was received from KB..
  12. Thanks Jeff, I did create and view in that font since I knew what the stripes are, it just didn't look right. I have some of the parts that have Shelby on them and thought maybe I could create the vinyl letters for the ones that don't, to match. DIYlettering.com has quite a few fonts, just not sure they have this one. Jeff
  13. Anyone know what font is on the Shelby billet parts made by Scott drake (ebrake handle, battery hold down, pedal covers)? Looking to have 1/2" vinyl stickers made in blue to put on the regular drake parts that I have, since Shelby ones aren't/weren't available. Picture below for font example. Assistance is greatly appreciated.
  14. I have the APR functional front splitter that was designed for our front end (Shelby GT/ Cal Special). Very solid piece. The link shows pics on a Shelby GT from a forum member that used to post here. I had to remove mine temporarily to modify it slightly. It covers up underneath the front end (about even with the back edge of the forward part of the fender) as it should to be functional. Unfortunately it covers the area my filter is since I have a KB SC. I plan on modifying that area somewhat to allow the air to get back to the filter then re-install it. https://www.octanemotorsports.com/2005-2009-ford-mustang-shelby-gtcalifornia-special-apr-carbon-fiber-front-splitter-with-rods-p-171782.html?gclid=CjwKCAiAt4rfBRBKEiwAC678KV6qHrV9tV7i5OMhs8eVUZ2e4f8qqEUFe-IkU4GSGYCeOLlpiN7Z5hoCteEQAvD_BwE
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