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  1. Mods for Racing

    I have the APR functional front splitter that was designed for our front end (Shelby GT/ Cal Special). Very solid piece. The link shows pics on a Shelby GT from a forum member that used to post here. I had to remove mine temporarily to modify it slightly. It covers up underneath the front end (about even with the back edge of the forward part of the fender) as it should to be functional. Unfortunately it covers the area my filter is since I have a KB SC. I plan on modifying that area somewhat to allow the air to get back to the filter then re-install it. https://www.octanemotorsports.com/2005-2009-ford-mustang-shelby-gtcalifornia-special-apr-carbon-fiber-front-splitter-with-rods-p-171782.html?gclid=CjwKCAiAt4rfBRBKEiwAC678KV6qHrV9tV7i5OMhs8eVUZ2e4f8qqEUFe-IkU4GSGYCeOLlpiN7Z5hoCteEQAvD_BwE
  2. New 2019 Shelby GT Purchase

    The blue collar buyer hasn't been on their radar in a long time!!
  3. Shelby pedal cover installation

    Yep, and it says that in my last post.
  4. Shelby pedal cover installation

    No, not at the Shelby store. I think I got them from Blue oval industries or CJPP. It looks like SD is making a bunch of the Shelby products that he previously had stopped. https://www.cjponyparts.com/drake-muscle-cars-pedal-cover-billet-with-shelby-logo-set-manual-2005-2019/p/PCS81/ if you didn't get the directions from your friend PM me your email address and I'll send them to you. I tried to attach the PDF here but the file size is too big. Unfortunate cause they could just add them to the instructions page. There is an install video at the bottom of the page in the link above. They show 15 model, but explain the difference for the 05-10. notice he takes the pedal out as I said, makes it a world easier. Good luck.
  5. Shelby pedal cover installation

    Sure thing
  6. Shelby pedal cover installation

    Macman756, I added the kit last January since the kit became available again. The install was pretty easy. Drilling into the gas pedal was only a pia because the size of the bit makes it very brittle. You really have to take it slow and easy or you'll surely break 1 or 5. Make sure you have more than one bit on hand in case you do break one. Otherwise you'll be running to the store in the middle of the install. I will say, it was much easier using an angle drill, than if I had to use a regular one, since it was so tight under the dash. If you have one def use it. It took me maybe an hour, if that, to do the whole thing start to finish, including clean up. I was able to see the thread your talking about above since I installed it before the TS db move. Basically it said be careful with the drill bits. It's uncomfortable laying sideways on the floorboard hanging out of the car to work underneath the dash, especially if your a big guy, and it makes the job a little easier if you remove the gas pedal from the car. I think it was three nuts holding it on. Very easy to remove and replace. The new kits come with directions. If you don't have them let me know I probably could dig mine up and send them to you. If you have any questions feel free to pm me. Jeff
  7. Decided to wait and get the adjustable -C's, thanks again for the info Andy.
  8. Shelby Party

    Very Nice, thanks for sharing
  9. Thanks Andy, I did think about going with the adjustable kit -C's, but I didn't mind the ride / feel of the originals, so it makes it hard for me to justify the $250 difference when I would probably set them to something similar to the -A's. Really appreciate the info provided though. I'll mull it over before I order them.
  10. Bringing this thread back to life with a need for some verification. Can someone in the know please confirm these Ford racing struts and shocks are the same ones that came in the FR3 kit on our cars. I know the FR3 kit shows M-18000-A as the shock/strut, as does the AM web page where it shows the Manufacturer part number (MPN#), but I zoomed in on the pic of the shocks, and the sticker on it shows M-18000-AR1. Not sure if that's the same thing, or FR just lists it as -A. https://www.americanmuscle.com/frpp-shockstrut-0514gtv6.html It's time to replace them and I want to stay with the originals. Thanks for any and all help trying to clarify. Jeff
  11. Lol, I know, but I'm one of those types that likes things to work the way they're supposed to, even if I never use it again. Jeff
  12. For you 2008 Shelby GT Owners

    Not sure of the dates, but my 08 manufacture date was December of 07. I would guess with delivery, well after Jan of 08 for the pics.
  13. No new tune to drive it. However I will need to take it to someone to modify the tables in the ECU for the cruise control to work properly. The ratios for are slightly different and the addition of 6th gear throw it off. I haven't done that yet, but I can probably count on one hand the # of times I've used the CC in the last 8+ years of owning it. So not really in a big hurry. Jeff
  14. I never paid attention to your deep dish Fr500’s in the rear..... awesome!! Thanks for both compliments BB. The hood was a long process. Bought it almost a year ago, but kept having to use the money I saved for the paint on the transmission repair. see my other post lol. Finally got it all done.
  15. So after I installed the Ken Bell, I had way too much power for the stock clutch and new it would only last as long as I was easy on it. I babied it for a few years with the occasional spirited driving. Well that got kind of boring, so a bunch of us decided to go to the local 8th mile and have some fun on test and tune night to see what our cars would do. Needless to say the clutch didn't last much longer. I replaced it with a McLeod street extreme which was rated to 700hp and 700 torque, more than good enough in my opinion. So now that the clutch was allowing 100% of the power/torque to reach the transmission and not slipping (like the stock one was), the weakest link was now my transmission. The 3650 is not rated very high as far as how much torque it can handle, I think it's like 340. Anyway, found out fast with a few more visits to the track that what fails first is the snap ring that holds 5th gear on the shaft. Since it's the last gear on the shaft, the tiny little snap ring holding it in place and the rest of the gears in front of it, all the torque is applied straight through it. The snap ring fails from the torque as you progress through the gears, launch through 3 or 4 if I reached it. later when driving and all the pieces of the snap ring are now off, I shifted into 5th and it slid back on the shaft, so now no 5th gear. 1-4 worked fine so I was able to get home without issue. First time (yes first time) I bought a reman transmission, $1000. I got lucky, the shop that did the clutch said they would put it in at no charge so I didn't have to pay for labor. a little under a year later the same thing happened. fortunately it was under warrantee and all I had to pay for was remove and replace. was still $600. This time it lasted 5 months and I have now given up in the 3650. Had it fixed and removed to sell I wanted something that would hold the power so I talked to Modern Driveline who were completely Awesome in my opinion and purchased the T56 Magnum XL 6 speed kit. It came with everything I needed for the complete conversion. It's only been a few hundred miles, so sill breaking it in, but it's really a night and day comparison. It shifts soo smoothly being a remote shifter and not having any external linkage. The Only thing I didn't replace was the flywheel, it was only 6 months old (replaced at second trans issue), so the shop sent it out to have it resurfaced and it was good to go. the kit has you reuse the TOB so I replaced it with a McLeod. Hoping this is the end of my transmission issues, and figured I'd share my story. I will have a 3650, 1 piece aluminum driveshaft, hurst shifter, and McLeod clutch to sell if anyone is local and interested in it. located in the VA Beach VA area, local only, wont ship unless buyer wants to pay shipping Here's a few pics