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  1. Hello all - just reading the posts tonight - pages 1-8, then jumped to 22 and 23. Saw that AF Blue had been keeping up a very nice list of SGTs, but was wondering if anyone is now updating it since he has apparently left due to selling his SGT. I have CSM# SGT0725, Vista Blue, Vert, Manual, in GA. Great to see all the posts for SGT -- I'll try to keep up with reading them. Mark
  2. Thought I'd add some info in case folks were interested -- the fog lights relay is #30 (in place in my 2008 SGT), but the fuse for the relay was locateded in the spares location (fuse #58). I put the fuse in the correct location and had voltage at the harnesses. I'm planning on adding the fog lamps - anyone have information on Shelby part numbers, instructions, etc.? Thanks!
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