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  1. http://www.thecarconnection.com/news/1038679_black-friday-feh-highgearmedias-2009-holiday-gift-guide/page-5
  2. Shelby Performance Parts... Please Bring Back the Shelby Emergency Brake Handle for 2006-2009 Shelby GT H and Shelby GT's
  3. Shelby Performance Parts... Please Bring Back the Shelby Production Banners
  4. Hi Jer, Thanks for considering these custom Shifter Ball Requests... I would like to request a White Hurst Shifter Ball, with Nose to Tail Dual LeMans Silver Stripes and both sides embossed with the Shelby GT/SC Logo Thanks again Jer, James / Shelby GT 07
  5. Requesting to bring back the Manual Shelby Foot Pedals
  6. White Whipple'd Wilwood GT/SC CSM: 07SGT0340, (Signed by the Man) out here in OOOOOOOOOOOklahoma !!!
  7. Hey All, Have recently purchased a set of Shelby Racing Valve Covers. They are gorgeous; however, the Black Moroso Oil Cap Provided is quite pathetic... And unfortunately my Shelby GT Billet Oil Cap, made to fit to the stock Mustang Oil Filler Tube will not fit onto the Aluminum Shelby Racing Valve Covers. Shelby Performance Parts currently does not have an Oil Cap that will fit onto these Valve Covers. My question is... Has anyone come across the Dodge CS Oil Caps, and know if they would fit the Shelby/Moroso Aluminum Racing Valve Covers? See attached pics Thanks for your help, James / Shelby GT 07
  8. Hi Jer, Looks like this post is from a few years back, but hoping you can still help. I just recently purchased the Shelby 4.6L Racing (Moroso) Valve Covers, but was very bummed to discover that it comes with a funky black fine thread oil cap, and that my Shelby GT 4.6 Billet Large Thread Oil Cap will not work on these beautiful valve covers as they do with the Shelby 4.6L Black Valve Covers. Are you that guy who can Modify this Shelby GT Cap and/or can you aim me towards that guy who can? Thanks again for your help Jer... James
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