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  1. Cool, thanks. With the new forum the link at the top about build your own Shelby was gone. Wasn't sure if the program was too and hadn't seen or heard anything.
  2. 3.31 was standard on 2013/14's.
  3. Thanks, John. I found that through google but like I said I couldn't save it. They is no longer a link with the new forum. I check back on in a couple of months or so.
  4. I did the same but it only goes up to 2017 and won't let me save "my build". Just wonder if S.A. was still doing the program.
  5. Is this still available? With the new change in the website/forum I can't seen to find the "Build Your Own" link? I'm interested in an eco-boost convertible version for cruising with the wife while the GT-500 sits in the garage.
  6. John, maybe it will be at Carlisle along side of the new Bullitt. You and the LA Mafia need to be there. You're due.
  7. Has anybody heard if the GT-350 is going away? Can't believe Ford would build a GT-350 and a GT-500 in this day and age. It would be nice but it ain't 1967 anymore.
  8. Sounds good. Hope he can find another venue to do this.
  9. I'll be there for the cruise and show. Always looked forward to this show to kick off the new year. Any rumors about somebody else trying to pick up it up and continue the show in Florida?
  10. I'll be attending the auction with some buddies next month checking out the cars. Usually three to four thousand on the fairgrounds in attendance. It's always fun just walking through the lots, looking, and dreaming about winning the Powerball and thinking about what to put in the 10-car garage I'll build with my winnings.
  11. Sounds like a great deal. I actually enjoyed driving my previous 2011 Shelby GT-500 more than my present 2014. I sold it with 43K+ miles to get my '14. I think the '11/12's are the optimum drivers. Plenty of power without going overboard, great handling and a better ride quality on a daily basis. Enjoy your new ride.
  12. LOL! My Hero! Drive it like you love it! Let the next guy worry about restoring it.
  13. I had that happen twice during my 43K miles of ownership with my previous 2011 Shelby GT-500. First time it went to "limp" mode it scared me to death. I "limped" home, shut it off, hooked up code my code reader and cranked it back up. Little wrench was gone, it ran fine, and no codes. About a year of so later it happend again. I pulled to the side of the road, shut it off, re-cranked it and it was gone again. No codes of futher problems again till I sold it a year later. One of the great mysteries in life I suppose. LOL
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