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  1. Oh! I left out my TV and Movie career (LOL). They film a lot of movies and several TV series in my area and I've done a couple of dozen of them. I'm an extra and background actor but have gotten lots of very brief screen time. Depending on the project, the filming can last three to four months. I've been a lawyer, doctor, cop, detective, TV reporter, cameraman and lots of passers-by in stores and street scenes. No speaking parts, but lots of fun and a little extra gas money for my 2019 Mustang, 2014 Shelby GT-500, and 1970 Mach 1. My cars are too "flashy" for filming. They always want dull, drab, hardly noticeable cars in the background. 😎 And yes, no Lazy Boy or Rocking Chair for me.
  2. I sit on a board of directors for a local credit union I've been a member of for years. It's a volunteer position but is usually about three days a month with various committee meetings. I also volunteer with the South Carolina Employer's Support for the Guard and Reserve. We help our National Guard and Reserve Military folks who have issues with their civilian employers due to conflicts with their part-time military jobs or to honor those employers who go far and above in supporting their members when they are called upon to perform military duties. My wife assists with a church group that runs a food bank providing free meals for the homeless several days a month and a warming shelter in the church when the temperatures drop into the 30's. They also provide clean used clothing for these same homeless. I help out at times with this also. Both my wife and I have different groups we meet with weekly or several times a month for breakfast or lunch. My group is called the "Old Man's Breakfast Club". This about 10 to 15 of us who are retired and we solve all the World's problems and talk Mustangs. We meet the first and third Wednesday each month. My wife's group is a knitting group that meet each Wednesday for breakfast. We both stay pretty busy and are enjoying our retirements.
  3. Congratulations on your new career, Rob (hopefully). Being a city council may pay part-time, but it can be a full-time job if you take care of your constituents. Hard to believe its been 10 years since this thread started. I still had a couple of years to go when this started but have been "retired" now for over 7 years. I never realized how busy you could be once you retired. My wife joined me in "retirement" about three years ago and we are both very busy doing things. It's volunteer work for the most part, but we both have full calendars. I'd like to hear from some of the other members who have retired since we started this thread and see how "life after" is working out?
  4. Pick up a new daily driver over the weekend. It's a new 2019 Mustang Premium Convertible with Pony Package and something called "Active Valve Exhaust System". It looks pretty cool with the quad-exhaust pipe like my 2014 Shelby GT500. Don't know if it makes any performance difference but it does make more noise in the Sport and Track Modes. As a guy who's always had V-8's, I'm not sure about the sound. It sure doesn't sound like my Shelbys (LOL). But the 25 mpg in daily driving will be nice.
  5. Cool, thanks. With the new forum the link at the top about build your own Shelby was gone. Wasn't sure if the program was too and hadn't seen or heard anything.
  6. 3.31 was standard on 2013/14's.
  7. Thanks, John. I found that through google but like I said I couldn't save it. They is no longer a link with the new forum. I check back on in a couple of months or so.
  8. I did the same but it only goes up to 2017 and won't let me save "my build". Just wonder if S.A. was still doing the program.
  9. Is this still available? With the new change in the website/forum I can't seen to find the "Build Your Own" link? I'm interested in an eco-boost convertible version for cruising with the wife while the GT-500 sits in the garage.
  10. John, maybe it will be at Carlisle along side of the new Bullitt. You and the LA Mafia need to be there. You're due.
  11. Has anybody heard if the GT-350 is going away? Can't believe Ford would build a GT-350 and a GT-500 in this day and age. It would be nice but it ain't 1967 anymore.
  12. Sounds good. Hope he can find another venue to do this.
  13. I'll be there for the cruise and show. Always looked forward to this show to kick off the new year. Any rumors about somebody else trying to pick up it up and continue the show in Florida?
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