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  1. Very sad...I didn't think his daughter was with him however that adds a whole new spin on things for sure...what a tragedy for a family to go through.
  2. My bad you're right Tim was looking at the big winged GT500 in the pic....either way with a 255hp advantage is to much to make up in the straight aways for a 495hp car but only added up to 1.2 seconds....like I said the Z06 will fix that in fine order...not only will it have way more hp than the Z51 but bigger rubber aero and beefier suspension...…...
  3. Read this on YouTube about a week ago it's real interesting...both car reach new heights but in different ways....thing is though there was only 1.2 seconds separating these two cars at the end and one of the cars has 255hp more...don't forget this was the full track pack GT500 Randy tested...so when the Z06 comes along with way more HP than the Z51 C8 that 1.2 seconds will be made up and then some IMO....
  4. Well you just saved yourself a stress test I guess...…….
  5. There will be HUGE ADM's at some dealers for sure....now that dealer I was talking to are not selling their allotment of the 3 Z06's to any other dealer and will not charge any ADM's either but that's here in NS...look out in Ontario and Quebec it's going to be a free for all.
  6. Yup agreed Goose not my colour at all on any car period....BUT like you say to each there own on that one...….
  7. I think they are doing the right thing with the new C8R Goose...just put it out there and run as hard as you can and whatever the outcome at least they'll learn what has to be tuned the right way or any other changes needed...AND they may go balls to the wall and win...now that would be one hell of an accomplishment with the first GM mid engine car ever and winning the race......
  8. Well at least it's still an American firm not Chinese.....The idiot we got here in Canada as Prime Minister just sold off all our rights to the offshore oil to the Chinese...unreal.
  9. Well was in touch with the largest GM dealer in NS about the C8 Z06 and he has an allotment of 3 but has 9 people already got money down on those 3 cars…. ….guess my chances of getting one is ZIP....he took my name down just in case but I won't hold my breath...he's got dealers calling him from right across Canada that want to buy his 3 allotments for 20K over MSRP each...unreal these days to buy a car the BS that goes on....now if those dealers want to pay 20k over just imagine the ADM they will be tacking on.
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