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  1. Where was I in 62?.....I was 4 and didn't even have a TV let alone know what a Corvette was...……...
  2. Who are you?....And what did you do with BB??……..
  3. That's to bad ...some Nissans are nice vehicles and not that I'm a GTR fan but would hate to see it go it's one heck of a performer.
  4. I agree with his C8 comments but don't agree with the C7 interior being bland...IMO the C7 int is far from bland.
  5. It's not silly at all and sorry that happened to you....Like Steven said drop by the Shelby American Facility it'll be a totally great experience and you'll be treated as such...I was there back in August and I had missed the tour but was approached by some guy working there that noticed I had missed it so he took me on a personal tour just him and I which totally blew me away...Try dropping in there it'll be worth your time believe me.
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