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  1. Hey how’s it going ? The crew has been busy lately. Just a bunch of whinny little bitches. They just won’t leave us alone it seems. 

  2. Well said Falcon....Couldn't agree more with the donating blood and helping out first responders...I went out yesterday bought and gave our local hospital a box of N95 masks and a box of 50 HEPA filters and I donate blood every two months so that taken care of....all should be helping at this time of need for sure.
  3. Awesome review of a guy that owns and really wrings is cars out...damn that thing shifts fast....this young guy has both the C8 and GT500 and drove both right out of the dealer on road so anything he says about any of his cars performance I'd believe him...no one can say it's a modified car or he's got it tuned and on race gas or whatever it's off the showroom floor and GO!!!!…..Kudos to him he's a true car guy and enjoys them totally.
  4. Now these pictures pop the colour looks deeper than the dealers pics Tes...like Mach I like the machine finished wheels and also like it better without the stripes...….
  5. Right back at you Rob and family...stay safe bud.
  6. Take a pic and show us the stripe delete version....glad you're enjoying your new Mustang Tes………...
  7. Wow..a 2.8 0-60 is exactly what the Chev guys said it would do.... that young guy don't spare his cars and kudos to him driving it like you stole it attitude and a great review of the C8....like we said here before the perf bang for the buck here is incredible and the looks speak for itself...this guy flew to pick it up at the factory because of C-19 and didn't want to wait...thanks for posting this Mach never saw it yet.....
  8. I like it Mach.... ...However black don't do that car justice as it does hide some of the gorgeous lines IMO....a colour like red or orange really project those beautiful lines like it does on the GT500 and Hellcat and any other muscle or sports car...JMO!!
  9. No never saw him he's way closer to civilisation than where I live...…… ……..Yes ride report Tes ??….I wish Boomer would post a pic of his GT500 he's already showed his ZR1...……..
  10. Why NOT ???...……. …………..Was out earlier with the SxS turbo but getting muddy as hell in some of those trails this time of year as we don't have much frost in the ground and the sun is getting pretty strong these days.
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