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  1. Cool BB!!….That would be a great idea but I'll be 150 years old before I see any of those at a rental place around these parts.... ….I was kind of wishing the 2020 ZL1 would have come from the factory with the 750HP but it didn't happen and I find it odd as the ZR1 is discontinued...besides I already had an 18 ZL1 out already and it was very impressive but just can't get passed that HUGE grill...or as a guy I know well would say YUGE!!!!…. ...I think you know who I'm talking about but can't use that name on here....
  2. Gotcha…...still hate the colour even on the original GT500 but to each their own....from what I hear he owns the original Green Hornet 67/8 GT500 and I guess it makes this new one unique for him as it's not an order colour so he'll have the only on from the factory to match the original one.
  3. Well said Goose....Having both would be the perfect scenario for sure...…..
  4. Why thanks for the kind words Goose!!….most times giving is more rewarding than receiving and what's the good of us if we can't help out those in need at times...besides he and his wife are good souls and if the shoe was on the other foot he would do the same for me………..
  5. Awesome vid BB.... ….JMO but GM hit it out the park with the C8 and I think it'll be a hot seller for them...I see on youtube where alot of diehard Mustang and Challenger fans are either buying this car or at least giving it thumbs up.
  6. The plan could go either way Goose just biding my time bud and enjoying my ATV's...went for a rip in the boat today but expect this weekend will probably be the last weekend for that but going to be playing in my nieces annual memorial ball tournament so no boating.
  7. Great news Mach....I think the strike won't go that long....Yes pricing here ain't bad at all for the C8 I was expecting it to be much higher. Holy crap your slow mobile ain't that slow at all bud...….
  8. Sorry??...for what Gosse??……. ……..was just pointing out this will be awhile before the C8 Z06 will be available and don't know if I can wait...I now can get a C7 Z06 at a pretty good price at some dealers especially in Ontario....
  9. You're right Goose maybe I can't "wait"...that's about 2-3 years down the road...…...
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