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  1. Yes but Stanley Steamers were powerful!!………..
  2. I'm sure you're right but I'd bet my bottom dollar if the demand is there for a manual I'm sure Ford could pull it off it's only mechanical....if it's not there then I'm sure they won't waste the time.
  3. Model T's weren't that powerful in Tek's era...……..
  4. Those 427 Vettes were brutally fast for the day...I believe they had the best power to weight ratio of any of the stock factory cars back then.
  5. What my point was that Ford wouldn't have a problem "BEEFING UP" the T-6060 to handle the extra "HP WITH WARANTY"!!….if the factory one is handling 1000 HP now with no known issues I'm sure Ford could make the new Tremic even stronger.
  6. I don't think Ford would have a hard time beefing up that Tremec TR 6060 to handle the extra hp of the 2020 GT500....hell some of those 13-14 GT500's are out on the streets pushing the 1000 hp mark with the factory tranny.
  7. Couldn't agree more bring on the manual....not having a manual would be a deal breaker for me whether to get one or not.
  8. In 65 Ford had the Fairlane with either the 427 Side Oiler or the 428 cui...some claim the 428 was faster than the 427 SO'r on the streets as the 427 was more of a high rev'g race engine.
  9. Just wonder how old that picture is....true that Goose today that heap of junk would make a person some good coin.
  10. Wow that must have been some fun to watch....beautiful times just as the muscle car wars were starting......
  11. Welcome back kotter!!…..how's thing been ?
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