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  1. My brakes look the same as the one in the link.
  2. Shelby say that 18's won't clear and its too much money for me to buy something that doesn't work. Would appreciate any advice.
  3. Any chance you can post some photo's up? What size tyres are you running front & rear?
  4. Can anyone tell me if 18" wheels will fit over the brakes on a 2011 supersnake? I have the big brakes front and rear. Reason being, there are a lot more high performance/race tyres available in 18" size.
  5. Can you tell me about the brace Rob? Does it make any noticable improvement? Did you buy it or make it? How can I get one??
  6. I'm thinking of pulling my Spec P-Trim out. Are the McLeod RXT really that good? My concern is everyone on the forums at the time told me how good Spec were and this clutch is an absolute heap of crap. It shudders like the car is falling appart, its sending vibration down the entire driveline at low rpm and it just makes such a nice car drive like a pile of crap. The standard clutch drove so nice in comparison and I only replaced it due to durability concerns. Does the Mcleod RXT shudder? Can you slip it when parking etc? Do you get the same backlash through the drive train that I'm getting with the Spec? I emailed spec and they said to drive it more, send it back it if didn't come good. No mention of all the labour costs to install, remove and then re-install it again...
  7. Thats a bargin - they are more than double that in Australia!
  8. No go. There is about 25mm of clearance at the rear of the blower. Fabricator says he can make a bracket up from flat bar as a "strap" but it wouldn't work... My engine mounts I believe are modified for our right hand drive conversion - you might have more luck?
  9. I have a skilled fabricator comming over for a look next week to see if we can make it work.
  10. Actually I just read that guy's build list, he has a 2.8kb rather than the 3.6 that I've got... I wonder if a slightly different take on his design might still work?
  11. Amigo - here is the link, its about half-way down. http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php/topic/70748-a-comprehensive-gt500-build/page__st__120 If you manage to get one fabricated, maybe you could get two done and post one to me in Australia?
  12. There is a guy in the GT500 section who has a 3.6L KB under a standard hood with a custom made strut brace. He's done a really nice job. The arms off the top of the struts go back towards the firewall and the brace runs between the rear of the blower and the firewall. Really nicely made, I can build my own based on that design but would rather buy one off the shelf if something exists. I've got the rear stiffened up nicely but think the front end could really use that brace.
  13. Anyone make a strut brace that'll fit a 2011 KB 3.6 Super Snake?
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