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  1. Yeah, I realize it filled up right away. I just come out every year for the car show and so forth and combine it with a vacation trip to Alpine - been doing that for four years now and last year my sister and BIN came out with her Mustang. That was us taking photos in the black F150 by the "starting line" out on 118 last year. With my work schedule it would be foolhardy to try to plan to attend the actual event. So will it be the last weekend of September/first weekend of October? Thanks!
  2. What are the dates for the event this year? I hope to make the trip out again with some family members.
  3. OK - my nephew just clued me in. It was Avalanche with black stripes. Man, I'm not going to get much sleep tonight.
  4. I thought so, but now I'm not 100% sure, because I don't see the color combo listed. It was in Austin and was a very light gray with black stripes and black wheels, and what I'm sure were GT350 badges on the front fenders. But I don't see a light gray in any photos that Google shows me. At any rate, I've been semi-lukewarm on the new Mustangs until this morning - this thing was freaking nasty and sounded incredible.
  5. Another big vote for KR, and I agree with the poster who mentioned how much better they sound on a GT500 as opposed to a 4.6. I had them on my Shelby GT and they sounded great, but they're a whole new ballgame on the GT500. I love the burble and pops when you downshift - something they didn't do at all on the SGT.
  6. OK, thanks, guys. I'll pass the info on to him and he can make a decision whether or not to call Shelby. I suspect he'll just wait and hope that a color he's interested in shows up. He likes his green Boss but I told him I thought it would be pretty unlikely for a GT350R to show up in that color.
  7. This may seem like a strange question, but here goes. My nephew is pretty interested in finding a seller for his '13 Boss 302 and moving up to a GT350R. The thing that's holding him back is color choice - he's just not enamored enough of any of the current choices to pull the trigger. I told him that he should contact Shelby American and see if there would be any possibility of a custom paint job, either done or "validated" by Shelby - a scenario where he would ship the car to Las Vegas (or maybe buy one there) and proceed. Anybody know if Shelby will do such a thing? Do they have a full body shop capable of complete color changes, or is there someone locally up there who they might farm the work out to? My nephew knows it would be expensive but his thinking is that if a one-off color was done by Shelby at least some of the cost might be offset by the "one of one" status of the car afterward. Or is this whole notion outside the realm of what Shelby American would or could do? Thanks for any advice/input!
  8. Well, finally got a chance to get the car out to the shop and have a look, and the problem was immediately obvious. When the Watts link was originally installed with the car at stock height, they installed the bars angling up. Which was fine at stock suspension height. But after lowering the car, both bars were in conflict - the driver side was hitting the exhaust and the real culprit, the passenger side, was hitting the Watts link bracket in a big way. So big, in fact, that the bar was wedged against the bracket and we had to pry it loose with a crowbar. Once we changed the angles of the bars (level for both, as per the Shelby Watts link instructions) there's no conflict, the car rides beautifully, and I can enjoy life again. Best of all, the fix was free. Probably something for people to keep an eye out for if they're lowering cars with Watts linkage.
  9. Thanks - I appreciate it! I love the looks and now I just want to get it to drive as good as it looks. I will definitely check that bolt this weekend, along with everything else I've read here. The pinion angle is good - haven't done anything about the alignment yet as I wanted to make sure this problem was solved first.
  10. Thanks for the input, guys - I definitely appreciate it. I think I'll go ahead and order the sway bar bushings just in case. Do you think the problem was caused by the lowering? It was fine before so all I can assume is that the lowering process caused it.
  11. Thanks - I will definitely take a look at those when I get home. Any indication why the bushing(s) on your wife's car failed? Would lowering the car cause something like that?
  12. I'm really hoping someone else has had a similar problem to mine and can advise me. I bought my '09 GT500 in December and the previous owner had installed Shelby Watts linkage and Shelby upper and lower control arms. The car still had the stock wheels and ride height and drove and rode very nicely with no issues at all. A couple months ago I installed 20" BMC Black Mamba wheels with Nitto NT555 tires, and at the same time installed a set of slightly used FRPP lowering springs. I got the desired look but immediately noticed a problem. When going over anything bigger than a small bump, I got a loud "thunk" from the rear of the car. On the way home from doing the install, I had put one of the original wheels and tires in the trunk to use for a spare on trips, and I thought I might be hearing the wheel/tire bouncing in the trunk - that's what the noise sounded like. I asked around a bit and found a great deal on a set of new Eibach Pro springs, which I bought. Before installing them, I noticed that there was not much clearance to the bump stops in back, so we cut them down, hoping that might be the cause of the problem. No improvement - still the same loud thump over bumps. So I decided to go ahead and install the Eibachs, since I had already purchased them. We did that last weekend, and unfortunately, that didn't cure the problem. Now that I've eliminated the springs as a cause for the problem, I'm pretty sure it must be a result of the lowering itself, since it was just fine before the lowering. We did a visual inspection and didn't see anything amiss, so now I'm wondering about the Watts linkage. I'm not very familiar with Watts linkage - is there adjustment that is necessary after lowering the car, since the linkage was installed when the car was at stock ride height? Is it possible that the linkage could be causing this problem, or do any of you have similar experience or advice you could give me about any other potential cause? The car drives nicely now - the ride is just a bit harsher than before but certainly nothing extreme, about like my '08 GT-C was on its suspension and 20" wheels. But whenever I hit any kind of real bump, I'm getting that loud and unacceptable "thunk" from the rear of the car. I really appreciate any input from any of you who might have similar experience.
  13. Those wheels look outstanding. Did you get them from BMC? I ordered a set for my car over a month ago and I'm still waiting to get them on the car - an epic saga. If they look as good as yours, the wait will be worth it!
  14. Those look great, Chris! Glad you were able to get them on the car.
  15. Well, I talked to them on the phone yesterday to get some details and I got good news and bad news. The good news is that it sounds like the results would be just about exactly what I would be looking for. The bad news is that they can't etch the wheels with the tires mounted - too big for their machinery. So at this point, since the tires will be shipped mounted and balanced, I think I'm going to pass rather than have to have the tires dismounted and then remounted and rebalanced. Maybe at a later date I'll get them done. In the meantime I might look around some more and see if another company has a bigger machine that can handle the wheels with the tires mounted.
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