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  1. Yes I thought I would buy a new set of pins also at the same time with the new hood.
  2. NICE ! love the look , thinking of the same thing. Taking the stripes off but leaving the rocker stripes.
  3. Thanks did you drill before painting? thanks
  4. Is everything ready for the hood pins? Or how are the pins installed?
  5. Love that hood and looks great, what vendor did you buy from ? Any pics of undeside of hood ?
  6. Actually I'm going to keep the stock hood. Was thinking of maybe a 3in cowl hood. I just think they look tough. Anyone have one installed?
  7. Going to be changing the hood on my 07 over the winter. Any suggestions and also what does everyone have on theres. Have enjoyed it since I have owned it but look forward to doing a lot more serious drag racing next year. Also going to add roll bar. Pictures would really help ! thanks
  8. Any pics of them on your car ? Would like to see anybodys street and strip set-up if the could post. thanks
  9. thanks guys, great advice. Will give it a try. I want to add the side window louvers instead.
  10. When I purchased my car it had the quarter window trim mounted around it. I know its on with 3m tape. Is there a easy way to remove without bending trim ?
  11. Is that set-up also good for the drag strip? When I said track I should have said drag strip! thanks
  12. Sure there has been tons of discussion on this issue but I need some advice. Have my 07 Shebly for a while now. I'm ready to change from the stock wheels and tires. After crusing this summer and doing some shows I'm looking to start taking the car to the track next spring and will be beefing her up over the winter. I'm looking for a nice agressive look with a staggered set-up. Like to get as much beef I can get in the rear with no modifications to anything. I don't want per say just a drag tire because I will still be going to the occasional cruise and show. So something I can use for street and strip. So any help or even pictures of what anyone has would be great. Also will be changing heels. So will need sizes for wheels and tires. I do like the Weld wheels. thanks for your help in advance !
  13. Any pics of the install? Would love to install one. Also interested in the cost !
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