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  1. Thanks for the response guys. Barry, I'll send you a message if things don't work out with my insurance. The bodyshop I work with is positive that he can push for OEM wheels, and not refurbished. I just have a feeling that my insurance will give me a hard time when they find out the wheels are almost 2k each and will pressure me in accepting a repair instead.
  2. I have a 2011 Shelby GT500 non SVT package. I got into an accident a few days ago. My front and rear passenger side wheels have deep scrapes, similar to curb damage. My body shop thinks we should just have it repaired. My insurance wants to replace them with remanufactured parts. I want it replaced by OEM. When I went to dealerships to get prices, they gave me part# AR3Z1007B for $1900 each. is that even right? I checked forparts.com and saw part# 1007A for $896.25 each (sounds about right) Which part# is the right one? Should I just have these wheels repaired?
  3. Now that is really weird. I took a picture of the page of my GT500 Supplement:
  4. Guys I bought the battery from the dealer, part# BXT-40R per the Shelby Supplement booklet. I was about to change the battery on my car and to my surprise, the part# is BXT96R. Are they the same thing? Should I return the battery and get the BXT96R? Why does the Shelby Supplement have a different part#? Kawwy, how is everyone doing? I haven't seen or spoke to George in a very long time. I've been really busy with my CPA review and my car has been sitting in the garage for more than 8 months, I've been using my wife's new 14' explorer sport =). I'm still reviewing for the CPA but let me know if you guys have plans for a cruise, I may have some time. But I have to get my car running first lol
  5. Thanks for all your responses. I'll take everyone's advice and get myself a battery tender. But does that mean I have to leave the hood open when using the tender? I'll have to call the dealer on monday and hope that it still under warranty and might as well get the coupon just in case it isn't.
  6. I couldn't find the info on the warranty book, I am not even sure if it is in there. My car is a 2011 GT500 with 15,000 miles. How long is the warranty for my battery? I haven't used my car in a month and she would not start up today. I had to jump start and left her idle for 40 minutes and drove to the gas station to get gas. Well I got stuck there and needed another jump. I believe I need a new battery.
  7. But if it is open, it will not be a display for a long time, especially when friends come over. But if they see the bottle sealed, they'll know it is untouchable and just Oh well, I'll try some day when my friends all decide to chip in for a bottle. Bars here charge $30 a shot
  8. Funny you mentioned it, my wife got me a bottle for Valentines Day. Before she bought it, I've been talking to her about trying it but couldn't pull the trigger because of the price. I asked 4 friends to chip in one time but decided to get the one Gold and one Green afterwards because, again, the price. We thought for the price of Blue, we can get one Green and one Gold. I actually like Gold label because of the sweet taste but drink it occasionally. I drink the Green often. As for the Blue, I most likely will never open this bottle and just display it with my other collection. EDIT I did not realize this thread is old lol.
  9. Yes, I know they move forward but they do interfere with the car seat. So the other side is folded down but it just look weird that the other one is upright, and probably will end up deformed from the belt's tension.
  10. Does anyone know how to remove the rear seat head rest for 2011 GT500? I wanted to remove them just because they block a big portion of the rear view and my daugther's car seat has a belt that needs to hook up on the top anchor (should I just run the belt over it? It is currently and I am afraid it will ruin the head rest because of the tension).
  11. Umm something is not right here. RK, how did you even know that such a thread existed 3 years ago? If you saw this back then, why didn't you say anything? and why now?
  12. I don't thnk you guys get the point of the stereo remote. Most guys get it because they do not want to put oily finger prints on their expensive head unit. Another reason is, it is convenient that you don't have to get in to the car to change music when hanging out with your friends next to your car.
  13. Phill, are these guys Pacquiao fans? Sports Illustrated quoted Floyd Mayweather, Sr. (YES the father of Pacquiao's rival for pound-for-pound supremacy) as saying, “This one belonged to Pacquiao. I’m calling it like it is... whoever these judges was, they need to find a new job.” 50 Cent (YES Mayweather, Jr.'s best friend) was quoted by the Vancouver Sun as saying, "Man boxing is a mess right now [whatever you do] do not watch the rematch its fixed." (Thus implying he thought Pacquiao won.) Via Twitter Oscar de la Hoya (who has been bitter against Manny since they fought) said, "Bradley should have given the belt and announce victory to [Pacquiao] right after the decision." Teddy Atlas, a known Pacquiao skeptic was quoted by the Examiner as saying, "But the bottom line is, if you're an honest man, and knows what he's watching, Pacquiao won that fight...only one man won that fight." Roger Mayweather (probably the biggest Pacquiao hater on the planet) said via Twitter: "Everybody mad that Manny got robbed which I agree." "Can't lie I hate Manny but he did beat the [expletive] out of Bradley." "Bradley you a dumb [expletive] if you give Manny a rematch, run with that W." [Note that I fixed punctuation, etc.]
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