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  1. Rob, I don't think we will be able to make it. My shift-position has changed and I doubt I'll be able to get the time off. Sorry. We really enjoy going to this every time we can.
  2. Looking forward to more details and our 5th Event in Vegas also. Good times are ahead. Now only 5 months to wait!
  3. Very cool Rob! We had cake and Ice cream! As for the festivities, well there were some but no pictures! Also got a great gift. http://gopro.com/cameras/hd-motorsports-hero-camera/
  4. Thanks! Just finished up dinner and setteling down for the night. Good day all in all.
  5. Thank you all! Just got home and getting ready to have some dinner with the family. :happy feet:
  6. All of mine do that. Also the clear on them is peeling off.
  7. tried sending you a msg with no avail.

    couple questions for you

    Hey, i noticed you have the griggs watts link. I am trying to get multiple peoples opinion because I am debating on getting them.

    Could you give me some feedback on them?

    Also do you get any major noises or vibrations from the watts link?


  8. I ordered my Hawk pads from Van this morning. I'm going with the HPS front and rear right now and he's trying to convince me to get a set of race pads for the track. The race pads are real expensive compaired to street pads. To the tune of 3x the amount of the HPS. I should have them by Thursday, installed by Friday and I'll let everyone know how I like them. Thanks again everyone for your input and help.
  9. I want to say they are around $120-130 for the set of four.
  10. Thank you for everyones feedback! It helps alot. Which Hawk pads do you recommend for street/track use on the Baer front brakes?
  11. Michael, I did not check with EBC. I'm looking into it now. I used to use EBC on my race bikes. Thanks for reminding me about them.
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