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  1. I actually am having the same issue w/ PA performance 200amp alternator. It's funny mine doesn't shut off any dash light and it still runs the car well for the past month ever since I saw the first "check trac control" beeping on the dash. Could anyone clarify if my alt has voltage regulator problem? Or if my battery has a bad cell? The symptom periodically comes in and out and when it happenes, I always read my volt gauge goes up to some around 17.5V and stays there about 1-2 secs and comes down to 12.5 and goes back to normal and this pattern repeats multiple times and comes back to the normal 14.3 so to speak. It's been about a month for having this issue and I have no any other problem except for getting "check trac control' beeping which only occurs at any moment of volt gauge shoot up to 17.5v. No check charging system, dash turning off , light getting dimmer or getting abs light yet. Would any one know what problem exactly am I facing now? I hope it's just a bad voltage regulator.
  2. Do you know the manufacturer of it? I really want to buy it too.
  3. Anyone knows who made this strut tower brace? I just noticed this strut tower braced has been disappeared on the market. I can't seem to find it anywhere. I believe this one was the only one could go over kenne bell? Thanks. Jason
  4. Here we go Shelby3. I got the dirty as **** noise on the vid well at this time. It's the most ugly sound I have ever heard of in my life!!!!. Sounds like as if I am runing over a dophine and he is screaming. (It's quite loud and gets louder over the time slowly) Please guys! Help me. It should be now easy to adress what the problem it. Here is the link. I have replaced to ford racing pilot baring, ford CSC, Mcloud RXT lightened flywheel, RP trasmission fluid from the stock setup. What's wrong with my clutch... Or could it be a driveshaft related? Thanks Jason
  5. I don't know how many mega bytes of Vid the team shelby forum allows to upload, but I will try to take a longer vid with more clear symptoms. This noise makes me crazy these days. Jason
  6. Hi. I guess it's not from any pedal issue. The noise is definitely coming from somewhere below the transmission area. and it gets more frequent and louder than when I first post this. To describe exactly how it is, let me quote from other guy's word at the other forum. "2007 GT500...When disengaging clutch there is a rapid rubbing noise that almost sounds like tire rub. It generally occurs when clutching while slowly moving such as slowly backing down the drivway or slowly moving forward when you are kind of slipping the clutch. It's hard to duplicate everytime but it seems to be getting louder when it does happen." This would be the exact description of the symptom. Thanks. Jason
  7. Hi. Mavisky. Thanks for the reply. It is really horrible sound and I hate it. I was doubting somewhere at driveshaft or pedal box area but not sure yet. I do more like not think it's from inside of transmission but I am not sure. Please keep me update if anything found. I will update you as well if I find something. Thanks. Jason
  8. Happy new year! Everyone. I have a question regarding the clutch noise and I can't seem to find a proper answer for this problem so I am asking you guys here. About 3 months ago, I installed Mcleod RXT with a new slave cylinder and pilot baering. Now, it started to make chirp noise when I release the clutch at only 1st gear during the stop-and-go. The chirp noise is pronounced louder if I release the clutch slowly when I go such at stop signs. The noise is pronouced more often and louder during the back up. It sounds like metal squeaking noise with high pitch. I feel like it's de-lubricated slave cylinder or pilot baering or something like that. What do you think about it? Could that be clutch install failure? Do you guys have any similar problem? This noise really drive me a nut because it's my 6th clutch and I am facing another problem in the clutch. If anyone can give some ideas, it would be really appreciated. Thanks. Best, Jason C P.s: Here is the link for the video for the noise. You can hear the noise at 1 sec and 6 sec of the video. Thanks. http://youtu.be/reeT6597rQc
  9. Hi, Super GT500. Can I ask you where did you get the calipers color done? Did you buy as that color from the SPP? Or did you refinish the color? That's beautiful colors. Jason C.
  10. $1150 for a wheel. That's not for me at all. There are much more great looking wheels out there around the price. Also, the looking of the wheel does not justify $$$. It just looks like those ordinary mid-end forged wheel. Also, these wheels doesn't have historical memorabilia as much as what Alcoa has. Like some one said above, it's just a wheel. No need to have so much philosophy in here my self. But, the price of $1150........................................ just makes me
  11. Ok. Thanks. It's really great to know the Baer does it. Jason C
  12. Thanks. I was wondering if these are the same as the new shelby Venice forged wheel. It looks similar.
  13. Do you mind to share what kind of wheel that is? Is it available through only GT350 upgrade purchase? I am getting tire of Alcoa being wrong on offset. Your wheel looks the best other than alcoa. Jason C.
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