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  1. My wife had it framed in a shadow box for me. They wanted to drill holes in it to mount it and she wisely refused - God I love that woman! It hangs in our study right above my computer so I see it everyday.
  2. Too bad. Doesn't make sense for me to pay $300 for just Friday night and Woodward. I will still go to Woodward. Would have like to be with you guys, but maybe we will see you there.
  3. I want to attend Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. Is that possible? Can't see how to sign up for just specific days??
  4. I did buy another car bit its a GT350 so airbag cover doesn't fit
  5. I have a 2007-2009 GT500 airbag cover, signed by Carroll. I am NOT looking to sell it. When I sold my GT500 I kept the cover. It's been sitting in a box for a few years. I would like to come up with a unique way to display the cover, along with the COA and a pic or two of my car. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. I am SO in. I planned to do Woodward anyway. Will throw in an extra lawn chair. Any members who can't bring their rides can hang out with those of us who do.
  7. Hi there - how do I go about getting a shirt and decal? Gregg
  8. Just called the seller. He took the stripes off. He is selling it as is. He just showed it to someone who said they are coming back tomorrow to buy it. Decided not to go. If he doesn't sell it tomorrow I may go later in the week. Again, thanks for all the help folks. Gregg
  9. Thanks to everyone for the info! I talked to him about the comment about it being lowered. Asked if he had the oem parts. He seemed confused, then said he just thought it was lower than a regular stang by Shelby. I get the impression he's not a big car guy. If I wanted to I could buy and reinstall the white side stripes right? Could I also get the rims restored if I chose too? About the over 500 hp comment, 08's were advertised as having 500 so it could be simply a slip of the tongue. He insists no mods have been done to his knowledge. Shelby001, how would he be stopped from selling it here in Ontario? I haven't purchased or sold a car privately in years. I'm going to see and drive the car tomorrow. I should learn a lot then. Price looks a bit too good to be true in my opinion.
  10. This is interesting to me. I got a dealer to send me the window sticker on the black 2008. It is attached. There are a couple of question I have from this. First is that the pics show the car has no hood or trunk stripes. I know there was stripe delete, but that isn't on the window sticker, it seems to indicate that the car had white stripes. Am I reading that right? Also, the window sticker shows "bright machined" rims. Does that mean aluminum colour? the rims appear to be stock rims, but they are black. Thoughts?? The car was imported from the US to Canada and I have been able to verify that was done correctly. The Carproof he gave me is three years old, I will need to get an updated one of course. All thoughts and advise would be appreciated. GREGG windowsticker.pdf
  11. Thanks for the great info Rex! Does anyone have any thoughts of the 08 all black I posted above? http://www.autotrader.ca/result/AdDetailInfo.aspx?srcID=19&frnID=10184519 Quite a bit less money and I do LOVE black cars.................
  12. I want a vert and right now up here in Ontario, there aren't many available. Also, I have my autographed airbag cover that would fit. A new post, 22.3k usd. http://www.autotrader.ca/result/AdDetailInfo.aspx?srcID=19&frnID=10184519
  13. Hi there! Traded in my 2007 about two years ago. Been driving a German sports car. Am looking to come back to the fold. Have my eye on an 09 vert. What do I need to remember? Questions to ask? Ad is below. This is in Canada in $cad. Price in USD is 29,750. Gregg Saw this 2009 Ford Mustang on autoTRADER.ca's iPad app http://www.autotrader.ca/result/AdDetailInfo.aspx?srcID=5&frnID=30525956
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