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  1. All really good points! I guess the whole idea of trading for a GT/SC is probably the best way to go, its just you get a little attached to your car over time. But it makes the most dollars and cents sense. No plan to build a monster car, it will continue to be a daily driver that supplemts coffee in the morning commute, and makes the evening drives more pleasant. With all that said, if anyone knows of a nice GT/SC for sale, or coming up for sale, please pass it along! Maybe I just get another car and have two in the stable!!
  2. Sitting at 135k now...if I do the supercharge upgrade, I will likely have a local performance shop do a rebuild, making sure all parts are considered for the upgrade plan.
  3. Thanks Steve, I will keep trying. Do you know if they offer engine rebuilds as well? My Shelby has been enjoyed every day, and is up there on the mileage, so I was thinking a fresh rebuild to go along with a supercharger upgrade, would be perfect!
  4. Have left several messages with Shelby in Vegas, but have not had a return call. Anyone know if they are still doing the factory SC upgrade for the 2007 Shelby GTs? Thanks!
  5. Anybody have a picture of a white SGT with matte black or gunmetal Shelby CS1 wheels on it? Getting the itch to change, and wondering how they look actually on the car.
  6. No, I am up in Charleston now...sure wish I was back there though.
  7. Was going through some old pictures and did some minor editing to this photo...thought you might enjoy it!
  8. Saw a black SGT and a grabber orange in one week in Charleston by the new Boeing plant.
  9. It does draw a lot of attention...but so do all of the Shelbys...but it does have a little more menacing look thank stock.
  10. Might have to look into getting a full size for my trunk...the pump with "fix a flat" goop, doesn't exactly make me feel all warm and fuzzy if it came down to a flat tire!
  11. Here is a pic of the hood mine had on it when I got it...I have come to like it, but I would still like to acquire a stock hood if anyone sees one out there for sale!
  12. Given the choice of being sandwiched between Oprah and Rosanne right after an aerobics class, or driving around with those wheels.....the decision would would require a lot of thought! :barf:
  13. Isnt the Detroit Rocker cam made by Comp Cams and just marketed under the Brenspeed name?? If so, seems like it would be a decent cam...I am trying to decide between the two as well.
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