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  1. Wire brush and purple zep? THAT WAS A JOKE!!!!!! I don't know if yall have used that stuff. It's crazy. I use it to clean sun baked veggie oil off my truck. Stuff is the nastiest degreaser I've ever seen lol
  2. Oh and I rum nitto 555s. I don't drive her as much as I use to but when I do, it can be in warm, cold, wet or dry conditions. I've run these on several mustangs and really have no complaints. If she where a summer dry car I'd probably go with toyo 888s
  3. What's up buddy !! And welcome. I'm in okc also. In fact I thought it was going to be low 40s to day so I drove the car. Then about 8 am all the water started turning to ice. Lol. Oh well. Welcome to TS. Welcome to the shelby world. Welcome to your new addiction. There isn't a lot going on this time of year, cat wise, but when it gets nicer there is a lot. There is a great group of mainly shelby guys up in Tulsa that love to drive
  4. Good to know. I need an oil change this spring. I'll swap it out to this. Also need to do the tyranny and rear. She's about to roll 40k
  5. I scrape mine at my kids school no matter how I hit the angle. They actually will take quite a beating. I thought for sure mine was a gunner a while ago. Got caught in some construction, long story short I basically used it as a shovel. I would buy a replacement for later on in life
  6. I use to be in one and kind of still am. It's turned into more of a facespace page. All the old guys that use to play don't have time for the kiddie bs. I miss it at times
  7. I agree with a lot of what was said here. Personally I hope the market stays flooded with them. I'd love to have one, but right now just isn't the right time. I've never driven one, but I love the looks and they seem like a great package.
  8. Anyone running the kr setup with no cats? I guess I need to hear a kr set up in person
  9. Depends on how loud you want it, and what state you live in. Have you thought about just adding a cat less mid pipe?
  10. Looks like they are getting away from the good years finally
  11. To me a mustang, be it a gt or an svt vehicle (let's face it a gt500 is an svt vehicle with the shelby name on it) has always been a good starting base. They are getting better but they can all, even the new ones, use some upgrades. I don't know your vehicle history, but my 09 in stock for would well out perform my 03 gt, or my fox body. There still is a lot to be desired in the car. But apples to apples, they are slowly getting better. The clutch issue to me was a total BS issue that should have been caught pre production. But ford stepped up and fixed mine in them so I really can't complain too much. The tires suck. IMHO all Goodyears do. But again not a mustang or a shelby issue. They run them on other cars and they suck just the same IMHO most mustang/shelby guys wouldn't be happy even if ford did put better factory parts on it. We would still be swapping suspensions out. Different exhaust. Tuning the motor for moar powah!! It's part of the culture and fun of these cars. No one has one built the same and the aftermarket is a vast place.
  12. i would love to but we just got back from shelbyfest. and i hear its going to be pouring rain
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