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  1. Lot's of easy mods that won't affect your warranty and are easily changed back: Red line No Drill Hood Struts Ford Performance Resonator Delete Airaid non oiled Air Filter in Blue or Red JLT Oil Separator [Pass side]. Front Mud Guards Lot's of good Axle-back or Cat-back options if you want to change the sound.. Good luck!
  2. Congratz on the new Shelby. Looks great. Consider these easy Mods: Red-Line No drill Hood Struts Front Flaps Ford Racing Resonator Delete Airaid Non-oiled Air Filter in Blue or Red JLT or Bob's Oil Separator, at least on the Pass. side All are easy and Warranty friendly.. Good luck and enjoy your new BA ride
  3. Hapenned to me with my Stock '14 Vert at the Dealer in front of the SVT Mechanic, as I was leaving. Brought it back put the scanner on it and he opened a case with the Hotline. They recommended a New Battery and Throttle Body. Dealer replaced both under warranty, about 2 months ago. No issues since.
  4. Ford also replaced mine after 18 months on my '14. No charge. Checked it when getting an Oil change, the meter said replace, so they did. Good to hear from you Madlock, appreciate the help you afforded many of us... Thank-you.
  5. Norton is 100% correct. When I Put my '14 Vert. order together, only the 821 package was available, and I took it. Vert's also have a 155 Mph speed limiter when stock... Apparently it comes into play on the Dyno at the top of a 4th gear pull. Gotta get mine on the rollers for a baseline pull. Hello RET Dyno Day????
  6. There are about 30 New / Demo 13-14 GT 500's left at Dealers, and lots of used ones. If you want one now might be a good time. My Late production '14 Vert. is 1 year old tomorrow. Ck one out don't think you will regret it...
  7. MRT off-road H, stock cat-back, or after market?? How is the Drone at freeway speeds?? Great job on the Video
  8. Make sure he didn't use 5W/20 Oil.. Easy mistake with a Mustang... Ford recommends 5W/50 Synthetic. While many change the viscosity, 5/20 is too thin.
  9. VforceJohn is the member at SVT who did the testing and gained the Rwhp with the Res. Delete and Airaid Blue Non-oiled Filter. He owns his own Dynojet. I think it was a New car that sat all winter because of the weather. Click over and read his posts. Look at it this way his results were: $ 130.00 DIY Mod, 15 minute install, and 25 Rwhp gain. He got more with the TB, it's also listed. Hell if it's only 10 it's worth it. Louder Blower whine, and it looks better. Dealers out here said no warranty issues. He is racing his New Vert now with great results. John is a good guy ck it out. Great numbers above Chuck, consider adding the Airaid Filter.
  10. American Muscle also sells the Jaeger Bros Stone Guards with Free Freight.
  11. Hey Joraft: I have a '14 Vert. Sterling Gray Metalic with Stripe Delete. 1 of 6, so far. I have the standard seats. Are you in S. Ca., or???
  12. Per our friend Madlock: Total '14 production 5685 Coupe '14 production 4771 Vert. '14 production 914 Deep Impact Blue '14 Vert's Total 117 DIB Blue Vert. w/ Wh. Stripes 80 Post some Pics when you can... Enjoy the new ride, I sure like mine...
  13. Did not install mine on my '14 Vert, still in the box, as I have a steep driveway. Drove the car home and backed it in on an angle. A friend said I have 1 inch of clearance. That answers that, spoiler stays in the box..
  14. Everything except the Pulley/Idler change is an easy Mod, and also easy to change back. Cai, Tune, TB, Axle-back or Cat-back can be easily reversed.
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