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  1. Great info Justin, even for a customer already running your products. I can honestly say that the VMP TVS is easily my favorite mod in both performance and appearance under the hood, and my car is modified in virtually every category. Thanks for the great customer service as well.
  2. I already have the digital wide band installed (AEM), but want to add the boost guage (30-5132 or 30-4406) because my VMP TVS has made the stock guage useless.....I had heard that the analog boost guages are more accurate??? What say you? Happy holidays to all.
  3. Those are some awesome wheels. I saw on the website than a typical 19" weights around 23 lbs, not bad. On your list i didn't see any brake upgrades, but they look like they would clear, i'll have to give them a call.
  4. I would suggest you can Justin at VMP Tuning. I went with his TVS and 2.50 pulley, but i remember him telling me he could put my Steeda pulley (on my stock blower) on his TVS if i desired. I don't see why you couldn't do the same thing with a standard TVS, give him a buzz and he will be able to answer definitively.
  5. Did you get the problem resolved yet?
  6. Thanks guys, having someone do the full lock while doing it makes good sense. I'll check it out.
  7. Great kit but my tires (2008 GT-500, stock wheels and tires) rub against the ducting when getting towards full lock. I don't see a problem so long as i remember to watch it. I have Steeda's adjustable front sway bar, and apparently the difference in diameter from the stock one makes the difference. The only way i see to correct this completely is to have smaller diameter ducting, as i see no other way to route it. Anyone else had or heard of this issue? I missing something?
  8. That's great. You are lucky to be in Florida. I'd be especially interested in what you see for air/fuel, with subsquent stock fuel injector duty cycle percentage with your current mod's and going to that level of rwhp. I have no doubts you can reach your goal with VMP. By the way those are some impressive numbers you have now at the wheels.
  9. C'mon Shelbyfest folks. Please post up what you were doing at the wheels before and after the TVS install. Any other mod's done? I'm betting the car is running ssswweee-eeeeeetttttt!!!!!
  10. Great info. Mine are still doing well and i'm glad you guys have yours working correctly. Nice post Kona. Now on to my VMP TVS supercharger install!
  11. I just don't get it Parshal. Since i last posted i have put another 150 miles on the brakes and no leakage (i am confident now and can take the 10MM wrench out of the glovebox!), but they are as quiet as the stock one's were before being removed.....i wonder if anyone else is having your symtom's.
  12. Seahorse, that is an incredibly detailed step by step!!! Thanks for the info and pictures.
  13. Yeah Seahorse, i had thought about that. Why did you go with 72lb injectors versus 60? Any driveability issues?
  14. Well, thanks to many of you that applaud Justin's work i ordered his TVS today, complete with the CNC elbow, and tune. I should have it in about 3 weeks. My car currently has Steeda's GT-500 CAI kit, FRPP 63.5mm throttle body, Kooks long tubes (1 3/4" X 3" X-pipe, high-flow cats, and reduced to 2 1/2 for the Magnaflow street series catback). I hope to see between 650-680 at the wheels and i will be estatic (no fuel system changes). My only concern was how this set-up looks (Bling factor). What say some of you that has it, does it look as good as it performs? I think it looks fine in pictures but would like owner comments.
  15. After talking with Justin at VMP today i ordered his TVS with the 2.5 pulley and cnc'd inlet elbow. With his tune i can expect somewhere between 650 to 680 at the wheels (with my headers, CAI, and TB). I based my decision on his reputation, ease of installation, and the incredible power and torque this unit provides for the $$$.
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