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  1. Ran my '07 Friday night at Empire Dragway for MOM's night. (Mustang on Mustang). Out of seven runs the best was an 11.853, top MPH was 125.31. Switched to drag radials and still had terrible wheel spin. Had to launch at 2,200rpm or it would just blaze the tires. Everyone else running the MT et drag radials said they launch around 4,000 and no spin. Last year I was running 12.53 at 115, ET and MPH have improved but could be much better if I could launch harder. Anyone else running the MT ET drag tires?
  2. Mine is covered most of the time with a cotton flannel cover. In the winter months I pull the cover off on occassion and sit back and stare it for a while. the California duster works great at getting the dust off. The garage is heated and has an alarm system.
  3. I have the stock F1's and a spare set of rims with M/T ET11 drag radials. The F1's for cruising and the M/T for the track. Next is is a set of 4 for the road course.
  4. The Glen is two weeks away and it will be the first time I'll be running my '07 GT500 on the track. I ran my fox bodied mustang a few times but was a '85 that made little power. The Shelby should be a whole new ballgame.
  5. SHELBY1962X

    SAAC 37

    I will be there with my '07 GT500.
  6. Ford Racing M-1007-S1895 - Ford Racing Silver 2007-2009 Mustang SVT Wheels $209.95 Bought mine right from Summit for the slicks. Not much more than the used ones were selling for, free shipping and no tax.
  7. The only mod is upper and lower control arms. I used to track my old 5.0 at the Glen, so while the Shelby suspension is a bit of a compromise it's still lights years ahead of my 5.0. try and make it, the track is a blast.
  8. I didn't see it posted anywhere on the forum so I'll bring it up. The Shelby Club is having their convention at Watkins Glen on June 7-8-9th 2012. There will be a national show, swap meet and best of all open track time. Carroll Shelby usually attends along with other well known team drivers from the 60's. It's a bit early in the planning but I made my reservations already and will be taking my '07 GT500 on the track. If you've never been to the Glen the track is great and the town is beautiful, right along Seneca lake with wineries and some beautiful hiking trails. Every time i go to the track my wife hits the wine trail it keeps her happy and I get to have my fun. http://www.saac.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=263&Itemid=2
  9. Case closed............Muffler delete it is. I like to announce my presence and really piss off my only neighbor. On a funny note I had a SVT Cobra before the GT500 with headers no cats and a Bassani exhaust, that car was loud as hell. I got pulled over by the cops one day and the officer asked me if I knew why he pulled me over. My reply was yeah I know, my exhaust is to freakin' loud. Then I added - don't EVER buy a car off Ebay sight unseen, can you believe some moron paid money for this crap. I said my wife would not even drive with me to the cruise night. because the exhaust is so bad. He said have a good evening and take care of that exhaust. BS'd my way out of that one...
  10. I have the stock X-pipe. How loud would the delete pipes be?
  11. Has anybody installed these on their car? I have the KR exhaust on my GT500 and it is just too quiet. Looking for more of a throaty sound but not like open headers either. Is there a performance gain with them?
  12. I finally had a few days off and had a chance to look into the shifter issue and found the problem. After pulling the inside boot I saw the the two bolts on the handle were loose and the four on the bottom were also loose. I guess the ford mechanic that installed the shifter either got sidetracked or was too concerned about his flat rate time. Either way the car shifts great now. Amazing how long I can put off an annoying problem before I actually have the time to deal with it.
  13. My '07 just turned 4,000 miles and I don't like the feel of the shifting and never really did. It is a stock 6speed with the Shelby shifter and the car did have the TSB on the clutch at 1,200 miles. My concern is how tight and rough the shifter moves between gears, even when not running. Just rowing through the gears feels like shit is being forced through every time, i can hear and feel the parts moving around. I've never missed a gear or heard a grind while driving, it's just extremely tight and not smooth. I never drove another GT500 to compare but last week I drove a new BOSS 302 and that shifter was as smooth as silk through all the gears and it was a beautiful thing.Does the new BOSS have a different transmission or could there be something screwed up on mine?
  14. Do it, it's a lot of fun. Pick a test and tune night, it's not as busy and the track workers will help you through it. You can make as little as one pass to say you did it or get right back in line and keep going.
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