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  1. There will always be a threshold. Both motors will reach some serious HP numbers, what is your number? Regardless of larger cubes will always "blow it away", there comes a point when you have the HP you want. My goal is 650-700rwhp....I dont need a 5.8L to do that. The 2013 is great out of the box and offers some seriously sweet performance upgrades to the oil, internal, and cooling systems as well as a TVS. It comes down to what will satisfy your needs really.
  2. I have yet to run into any outside lighting that puts the car in a bad light, BUT when you are taking pictures of Grabber Blue, you have to adjust the camera and exposure to produce a natural look. Most cameras for some reason cause Grabber to look too pastel. Whats weird is that the car only looks like that "in the picture". To the naked eye, car looks great. Very weird. Here are a few more pictures that capture grabber blues natural color
  3. That is definitely not normal, like someone else stated...the BPV would be my initial thought of the culprit.
  4. We all know Grabber Blue with White Stripes is where its at
  5. The V6 and GT 6-speed is made in China and what the article is referring to...not the GT500, which is made by Tremec
  6. As long as the previous car was returned to stock the tuner is "unlocked". Your pulley and filter will fit your '12 but the brain of the car (computer) is much much more complex. Do not use your 10 tune for your 12.
  7. I THINK I registered for the http://www.boldmovestulsa.com/login website but when I try to login, it says my username/password do not match...pretty sure I typed it right. I tried to register again then it said the username has already been taken (by me). Anyway, maybe it required activation in order to even log in? Ryan

  8. Did not have SVTPP, but did already have Upper 2.59 pulley, innovators west lower 10% pulley, Jon Lund tune, lowered on sportline springs, MGW Shifter, FRPP Resonator eliminator, tinted windows...Id say he got an amazing deal. He purchased it through a member of SVTPerformance forum in the for sale section. Guy was needing to unload it.
  9. Buddy of mine just picked up a 2011 with Nav 2,000 miles for 43k
  10. I use Wolfgangs Total Swirl Remover, Wolfgangs finishing glaze, Menzerna 85rd, then apply Wolfgangs Total Gloss Sealant and back that up with a 100% carnuba sealant for depth. Have had excellent results. Products are applied with a Griots 6'' Random Orbital with CCS pads (Orange pad for the swirl remover, white pad with the glaze, and blue pad for the sealants)
  11. Where did you happen to aquire the strut tower brace? Great job on the mods! looks great
  12. Well if the TVS is going to come standard.....I wonder if the price will drop drastically on them? Id like to pick one up on the cheap :D
  13. I think you may be underestimating the TVS. CAI, Pulley, and Tune will net you 520-540 rwhp.....TVS will be in the 650rwhp range. Thats definitely a big difference. TVS is also more efficient than the roots stock eaton.
  14. 1.8 short times doable in C6 cars with 550hp on stock rubber? Hard to believe this one
  15. I laughed at the "bet the far" part...... Where will you live after you've lost it? :D
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