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  1. My Grundy rate is a bit over half of the quote I received from Hagerty. Hagerty publishes magazines and performs other marketing activities that may increase their rates IMO. I have not had a claim experience.
  2. My 2012 has been Super Snaked with a 3.6 Kenne Bell. I added a Griggs suspension, and track day wheels and enjoy it! I have had no problems with the 5.4 engine - although I did obtain a follow on tune after the Super Snake package. The 5.4 engine in the 2011-12 has a spray on high tech cylinder liner in the aluminum block. The 5.8 requires sleeves as I understand it because the block has been bored and stroked from 5.4 to 5.8. I believe I read that Ford applied a high tech spray into the cylinder sleeves on the 2013-2014 also. The 5.8 is an awesome engine; it makes comparable HP with a smaller supercharger and lower boost as the 5.4 I know folks with both engines and they are great. If you are not seeking maximum HP, a well maintained 5.4 should last forever. Enjoy!
  3. My experience with a Lund tune: You have to purchase an nGauge to perform data logging which you email back to Lund when you purchase a tune. Running WOT in third gear will get you well over any legal speed limit on the street. If you go to a dyno shop, they will charge you $$$ for three pulls, and some won't do it - they make their revenue performing the tune. So I donated over $600 to Lund and ended up finding a great local tuner when I tried to find a dyno only shop. I think Lund now has "affiliate" dyno shops around the country that will provide the dyno service for a fee, and upload the logging. I sent one WOT pull back to Lund, got pulled over by the Sheriff on the second WOT attempt with a warning (my Veteran's plates helped but I digress), and went to two local tuners in the end. Both obtained the same end result (793 RWHP). So I think at least three dyno logging sessions are needed to get to the end tuning result. You purchase and use Lund's " nGauge to perform the data logging. Nice tool, but another $579 on top of the tune and the dyno charges. And understand you are dealing with Mr. Lund's son. Mr. Lund Sr is back flying helicopters for a living. Lund III does a great job, just understand that in addition to purchasing the tune you will either need a place to pull WOT logging runs either on the street or a dyno and purchase an nGauge. Good Luck!!
  4. Shelby American did not offer the "50th Annivesary" package for a Kona Blue base 2012 GT 500, which I happened to own. So they sold me the gold paint after I had the Super Snake package (originally black tape stripes), and I had the gold stripes applied by a local (Colorado) paint shop. The paint shop also wet sanded and applied a liberal coat of Lesonal clear coat on the entire car after applying the gold stripes, which lightens the Kona Blue metal flake in bright sunlight. ​I added a Griggs suspension and have a set of 18 inch gold and aluminum Jongbloed wheels for track day. A few other minor mods under the hood, but basically a gentlemen's track day car. ​Your matching Anniversary Shelby's are sweet!
  5. Happy New Year! The replacement Wilwood Rotor part numbers provided by f2redpot in January of 2016 are accurate; I received inaccurate part numbers when I called Wilwood. Lesson learned; always call twice to make sure you have the correct part numbers before ordering. I also installed BP-20 pads for a street-track hybrid, and will save the ST-43's for later this year when I have my new scissor lift installed to make wheel and pad swaps a bit easier for track day. By the time I had the new rotors and pads installed, 2016 track season ended so I am ready for spring! I read some hilarious stories of the noise created by ST-43s when cold in some other forums, including one car being black flagged from a track day. A friend also reported rotor problems with his 2008 SS Baer package; drilled and slotted looks good but doesn't appear to last. Cheers and thanks!
  6. I upgraded my SS Barton to a second gen MGW. The MGW has a shorter throw than the Barton and smoother shifting on the street, but still some challenges getting into 5th under hard acceleration with a Spec super twin clutch.
  7. ​I picked up my 2012 Super Snake in July, 2013. Between the time I ordered and picked up the car, Shelby advised me that the wheels changed from Alcoa to the Modulare. I was happy to get the wider wheels even though SAI could have put wider tires on them! I received 255 tires in front, and 295 in the rear. A friend was able to fit 335 on the rear of his 2013 SS without a problem. I am not a fan of powder coated wheels; it takes a lot of time to get them looking good after cleaning. Haven't decided if/when I may have them refinished; Modulare will help with that if I pay for the change. Modulare does advise checking the wheel assembly bolts for the torque spec periodically. SAI has the tech bulletin; 18 foot pounds on the wheel assembly bolts. You have to skip the bold adjacent to the tire valve. I had purchased a set of 50th Anniversary Alcoa wheels before I purchased the SS package. Nice wheels, but narrow for this car. I later traded them and bought a set of Jongbloed 305's for track days. ​It appears that SAI is using a different wheel on the current Super Snakes. Thank you for the insight on the TPMS! I run the OEM TPMS/valve in the Jongbloed wheels and the car stays happy when I swap back and forth after being synchronized.
  8. As long as my front wheels aren't filthy after a track day and I have a little less brake fade through the turns I'll be back with an update in September - Thanks!
  9. Thank you for the heads up on the Wilwood rotors f2! Agree that drilled rotors are not great for track day. When I called Wilwood to confirm the replacement rotors for my 2012 SS Wilwood kits, they suggested the following directional vane rotors: front 16-8398/99 rear 160-12961/62 These are carbon iron, silver cadmium plated. I will replace the Wilwood street pads with Raybestos ST-43.
  10. The 2012-2014Super Snake" wheels are manufactured by Modulare, H9, 3 piece.
  11. My 2012 SS has a Barton. My only complaint is shifting into 4th and 5th under hard acceleration could be better.
  12. Thank you everyone for the great information! I was able to get my Kona Gold 2012 Super Snake home on a U-Haul after a Griggs installation without a problem!
  13. Sorry that you did not receive any replies; I hope you have resolved your problem? I would suggest reaching out to Revan racing; Van will help you resolve the problem. I had the same problem on my 2012 occasionally; I am replacing the "SS" tune supplied by SAI.
  14. Thanks everyone! Yes, I like it...fits the Super Snake look but so far one of a kind. I also have a set of the 50th Anniversary Alcoa wheels, they really light up the wheel wells. A bit of a Rolex Submariner look.
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