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  1. My Grundy rate is a bit over half of the quote I received from Hagerty. Hagerty publishes magazines and performs other marketing activities that may increase their rates IMO. I have not had a claim experience.
  2. My 2012 has been Super Snaked with a 3.6 Kenne Bell. I added a Griggs suspension, and track day wheels and enjoy it! I have had no problems with the 5.4 engine - although I did obtain a follow on tune after the Super Snake package. The 5.4 engine in the 2011-12 has a spray on high tech cylinder liner in the aluminum block. The 5.8 requires sleeves as I understand it because the block has been bored and stroked from 5.4 to 5.8. I believe I read that Ford applied a high tech spray into the cylinder sleeves on the 2013-2014 also. The 5.8 is an awesome engine; it makes comparable HP with a smaller supercharger and lower boost as the 5.4 I know folks with both engines and they are great. If you are not seeking maximum HP, a well maintained 5.4 should last forever. Enjoy!
  3. My experience with a Lund tune: You have to purchase an nGauge to perform data logging which you email back to Lund when you purchase a tune. Running WOT in third gear will get you well over any legal speed limit on the street. If you go to a dyno shop, they will charge you $$$ for three pulls, and some won't do it - they make their revenue performing the tune. So I donated over $600 to Lund and ended up finding a great local tuner when I tried to find a dyno only shop. I think Lund now has "affiliate" dyno shops around the country that will provide the dyno service for a fee, and upload the logging. I sent one WOT pull back to Lund, got pulled over by the Sheriff on the second WOT attempt with a warning (my Veteran's plates helped but I digress), and went to two local tuners in the end. Both obtained the same end result (793 RWHP). So I think at least three dyno logging sessions are needed to get to the end tuning result. You purchase and use Lund's " nGauge to perform the data logging. Nice tool, but another $579 on top of the tune and the dyno charges. And understand you are dealing with Mr. Lund's son. Mr. Lund Sr is back flying helicopters for a living. Lund III does a great job, just understand that in addition to purchasing the tune you will either need a place to pull WOT logging runs either on the street or a dyno and purchase an nGauge. Good Luck!!
  4. Shelby American did not offer the "50th Annivesary" package for a Kona Blue base 2012 GT 500, which I happened to own. So they sold me the gold paint after I had the Super Snake package (originally black tape stripes), and I had the gold stripes applied by a local (Colorado) paint shop. The paint shop also wet sanded and applied a liberal coat of Lesonal clear coat on the entire car after applying the gold stripes, which lightens the Kona Blue metal flake in bright sunlight. ​I added a Griggs suspension and have a set of 18 inch gold and aluminum Jongbloed wheels for track day. A few other minor mods under the hood, but basically a gentlemen's track day car. ​Your matching Anniversary Shelby's are sweet!
  5. jaydub2k

    Track Day

    From the album: 2012 Kona Gold Super Snake

    High Plains Colorado
  6. Happy New Year! The replacement Wilwood Rotor part numbers provided by f2redpot in January of 2016 are accurate; I received inaccurate part numbers when I called Wilwood. Lesson learned; always call twice to make sure you have the correct part numbers before ordering. I also installed BP-20 pads for a street-track hybrid, and will save the ST-43's for later this year when I have my new scissor lift installed to make wheel and pad swaps a bit easier for track day. By the time I had the new rotors and pads installed, 2016 track season ended so I am ready for spring! I read some hilarious stories of the noise created by ST-43s when cold in some other forums, including one car being black flagged from a track day. A friend also reported rotor problems with his 2008 SS Baer package; drilled and slotted looks good but doesn't appear to last. Cheers and thanks!
  7. I upgraded my SS Barton to a second gen MGW. The MGW has a shorter throw than the Barton and smoother shifting on the street, but still some challenges getting into 5th under hard acceleration with a Spec super twin clutch.
  8. ​I picked up my 2012 Super Snake in July, 2013. Between the time I ordered and picked up the car, Shelby advised me that the wheels changed from Alcoa to the Modulare. I was happy to get the wider wheels even though SAI could have put wider tires on them! I received 255 tires in front, and 295 in the rear. A friend was able to fit 335 on the rear of his 2013 SS without a problem. I am not a fan of powder coated wheels; it takes a lot of time to get them looking good after cleaning. Haven't decided if/when I may have them refinished; Modulare will help with that if I pay for the change. Modulare does advise checking the wheel assembly bolts for the torque spec periodically. SAI has the tech bulletin; 18 foot pounds on the wheel assembly bolts. You have to skip the bold adjacent to the tire valve. I had purchased a set of 50th Anniversary Alcoa wheels before I purchased the SS package. Nice wheels, but narrow for this car. I later traded them and bought a set of Jongbloed 305's for track days. ​It appears that SAI is using a different wheel on the current Super Snakes. Thank you for the insight on the TPMS! I run the OEM TPMS/valve in the Jongbloed wheels and the car stays happy when I swap back and forth after being synchronized.
  9. As long as my front wheels aren't filthy after a track day and I have a little less brake fade through the turns I'll be back with an update in September - Thanks!
  10. Thank you for the heads up on the Wilwood rotors f2! Agree that drilled rotors are not great for track day. When I called Wilwood to confirm the replacement rotors for my 2012 SS Wilwood kits, they suggested the following directional vane rotors: front 16-8398/99 rear 160-12961/62 These are carbon iron, silver cadmium plated. I will replace the Wilwood street pads with Raybestos ST-43.
  11. The 2012-2014Super Snake" wheels are manufactured by Modulare, H9, 3 piece.
  12. My 2012 SS has a Barton. My only complaint is shifting into 4th and 5th under hard acceleration could be better.
  13. Thank you everyone for the great information! I was able to get my Kona Gold 2012 Super Snake home on a U-Haul after a Griggs installation without a problem!
  14. Sorry that you did not receive any replies; I hope you have resolved your problem? I would suggest reaching out to Revan racing; Van will help you resolve the problem. I had the same problem on my 2012 occasionally; I am replacing the "SS" tune supplied by SAI.
  15. Thanks everyone! Yes, I like it...fits the Super Snake look but so far one of a kind. I also have a set of the 50th Anniversary Alcoa wheels, they really light up the wheel wells. A bit of a Rolex Submariner look.
  16. I don't have a chance of keeping up with the great things that Amigo does with his 2012 Widebody Super Snake. I did have my stripes painted to my original choice of Shelby 50th Anniversary Gold this summer. No, I wasn't in the Navy (although I did serve in the U.S. military).
  17. Very nice Amigo, love that steering wheel too!
  18. Good Luck Tony, and everyone take care. We were blessed in Littleton, no problems.
  19. The Shelby American collection hosted their annual fundraiser as planned in relatively decent weather yesterday. The party was held indoors due to the occasional sprinkles, One lucky winner took home a new 2014 GT500!
  20. Welcome, 2012 is a vintage year! Congratulations and Enjoy that ride!
  21. I used these from Champion Mustang: Part ID: S5MB-16612-A http://www.championmustang.com/modern/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&search_in_description=1&keyword=S5MB-16612-A The instructions and photos aren't the greatest but even I was able to figure out how to install the two parts on each side. No drilling, uses the existing hinge holes in the SS hood I took the link from Amigo's post awhile back. They may have a more expensive billet/elite kit now, but this one looks good to me. Thanks and Cheers - John
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