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  1. I have a set of these in the 18x9 but am having trouble getting them mounted on my 2011 GT. I have seen these on many 05+ Mustangs, do you guys know if the 2011 studs are the same as those? If anyone has successfully mounted these on their Mustang, I would love to hear from them because as of right now I have them up for sale. The wheels do state they are for the 94-04 Mustangs but there are many 07+ Shelby GTs and GT500s with these on. I am wondering if those that got them to mount did not use their factory Ford lug nuts as that is what I have been using with no luck. Thanks and if you are interested in purchasing these I have a great set!
  2. Hey, just saw some old pics of your car with the Shelby S1 Wheels, 18x9 with a 24mm offsett. Another member is selling these wheels and I love them but everywhere I read or hear from they say the 24mm fits the pre 05 cars. I currently have a 2011 GT with out the bremobos. Do you know if these 24mm wheels stick out past the fenders? Did not seem like it in your pics... Lastly, how is it that your wheels could clear the big brakes? Im just curious because this member is selling them cheap and Id love to have them but am worried they wont fit. Thanks for any help! it would not let me pm you
  3. everything looks great except for what is it with teamshelby and their lame fender stripes. come on
  4. ehh those 305s dont look very good. Or maybe it is the offset of the wheels but does not appaer to be flush with the fenders, looks more tucked in. Is that true?
  5. Unfortunatley I have to sell due to financial reasons but please check out the classifieds if you or a friend is in the market for a GT500. Here are some pictures Car is mint, I am the original owner, and it has 18k miles on it. I have all the paper work, keys, documentation, original parts and so forth. It has tons of FRPP, Roush, Steeda mods, just check this link for full details: http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php?/classifieds/item/259-2007-gt500-32000/ Here are some more pictures but I have many more at your request. Thanks Please contact me at cch2gt@gmail.com
  6. That plate was gone on Day 1 after homecoming photos were taken. Only zip tied once per year for state insp.

  7. Hello Chuck, happy Turkey day.


  8. Can those haze marks be buffed out or permanent?
  9. I will say I find that if pulling out into traffic it can engage so quick and smooth that I cant tell if I am already in gear ready to go or if the car stalled, no joke so I leave the music down in volume to hear the engine. My 2010 clutch engages right near the top of the pedal and occurs quickly so it can be tricky. I have the stainless clutch line which I think may contribute to this but just sayin.
  10. What exactly do you mean, shelby products? They do not manuafacture the parts used on their post title kits like SS and so forth, they use parts made by FRPP, Whipple, KB, Eibach, Bear... Don't get me wrong I love Shelby and having his name on my car but as a tribute to him. He did not do anything as far as engineering any parts for the GT500 or the parts used on their post title builds. Well, the new GT350 has some unique body parts built by SAI Shelby was quoted saying they are going to get out of the car building business because there is no money and get into the parts business. Call me rude but I am happy about this because I am lucky to be the original owner of the very first Shelby Mustang in 40 years. I paid 10k over for my car and knew damn well why I was paying that fee but it was worth that much to me, and I do not regret it.
  11. Ouch sorry to hear but i am not at all shocked
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