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  1. Here is the info.....2011 Shelby, before numbers are with VMP 2.6 pulley JLT and John Lund tune, and nothing else, after numbers are with afco H/E and headers only @ 6300, only tune modification was to adjust air fuel slighty, I will scan dyno sheet tonight and post up for you. I didn't lose any Low end TQ at all, but does feel a bit more sluggish under 1500 RPM if I am just putting around, but as soon as I mash the petal it screams, and I went with the 1 7/8 because I will be installing a Kenne Bell. Also numbers were up across the entire RPM band.
  2. Well I had the American Racing 1 7/8 headers installed today....look and fit great. Before and after dyno numbers were done on the same Mustang Dyno just different times.....Before numbers are from my dyno back in Feb when it was 50 degrees outside and are as follows....498 RWHP and 479 RWTQ... New numbers were done today and it was 98 degrees outside so I wasn't expecting a lot but the results were pretty good, 523 RWHP and 506 TQ. I gained 25 RWHP and 27 RWTQ, I think the numbers are pretty good considering the temp difference.
  3. Thanks, and I would like to eventually have them powder coated.
  4. The BMR was necessary, the rearend shifted over about a 1/2 inch, I had bought it before hand just in case and was glad I did because it straighted it right up.
  5. Thanks, and I lowered the car with the Eiabach Pro-kit (2010 kit)...no 2011 kit ready when I wanted to lower the car...have had zero problems. It did firm up the ride a bit, but not too much. I also installed a BMR adjustable panhard bar to realingn the rear end. I will eventually get shocks but everyone I talked with said the stock PP shocks would be fine and I have had no problems so far. I ordered the strut bar from ebay for $15 Dollars and had it painted by a local shop, the only thing needed to get it to work was the specific spacers from JLT! Hope this helps.
  6. Just wanted to add some pics of some recent work I did, enjoy! FIA fender stripes
  7. I will meet everyone at the Park and Ride as well at 0700, can't wait.
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