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  1. The pictures are the "perfect" primer for the upcoming Ford v Ferrari movie ... thanks for sharing!
  2. Looks like a good time had by all (great pics 😊) ... thanks for sharing!
  3. So sorry to hear about Jim's passing ... we just took the Shelby American tour on June 5th when we were in Las Vegas celebrating my daughter's 21st birthday, and he was our guide (first time I had the opportunity to meet him). I enjoyed the tour in large part due to Jim's personal experience with all things Shelby (including Carroll) as well as his incredible attention to detail when describing the vehicles in the collection. My most sincere condolences to Jim's family -- he'll truly be missed.
  4. Hi there ... the selling my 2007 Shelby GT link above takes you to the web page with the detailed listing, photos, price, etc. Here's the pricing info to save you the trip: Asking $26,500 or best offer for this beautiful “no excuses” Shelby GT (located in Monterey, CA). Contact Martin @ (408) 838-5804 or mschwirzke@yahoo.com for more information. Please let me know if you have any other questions...
  5. Hi all, It's been a while ... just an "FYI" that I'm selling my 2007 Shelby GT (trying to find it a good home, so starting here on the TS forum). I'm at a point in my life where I want to give building a Factory Five Mark IV roadster a try. I'm not getting any younger, so it's now or never. I'm hoping to stay in the Team Shelby fraternity as an honorary member who just happens to drive a replica Thanks!
  6. Thanks, Jim! Look forward to attending (Sorry I didn't see your message until now -- forgot to follow this topic). Look forward to meeting up again on the grade ... think it was Maravilla Drive.
  7. Nice pictures, Harald! (Sweet-looking Terlingua, indeed). I saw this event advertised, but work got in the way of attending (saving up to take this afternoon off through the weekend for the Motorsports Reunion and RM auction). Looks like I need to visit the Folktale Winery just for its setting...
  8. Appreciate you sharing the photos (beautiful GT-H) and story behind the acquisition ... being a VP at Hertz explains the low model serial number and custom components :^) The '06 Shelby GT-H -- rented one for Father's Day -- is what inspired me to purchase my '07 Shelby GT. Look forward to meeting in person at a future event...
  9. Welcome! Hope to catch you at some of the local Team Shelby events ... I live in Monterey. Post some pics of your 2016 GT-H when you get a chance (also be interesting to hear the story behind the purchase of your Shelby).
  10. Enjoyed reading the first Shelby American newsletter ... would love to see more nostalgia pieces like the "Museum Minute" (i.e., make it a regular piece in the newsletter) and also consider adding a calendar of events (can link to articles in the newsletter -- e.g., the 2016 Shelby Bash and Barrett-Jackson pieces -- or to related information located elsewhere). Keep 'em coming!
  11. I'd like to "second the motion": I had a great time meeting other Team Shelby members, talking about our rides, and grabbing lunch at the Baja Cantina (always look forward to this event). Kudos to Jim for organizing another successful get together!
  12. Most excellent ... see you and Harald in a few hours!
  13. Perfect! (Appreciate the heads-up). What time do you plan to get there?
  14. The plate looks right at home! (60s plates are tailor-made for your Hertz). Look forward to eventually getting mine...
  15. Count me in as well (just me and the Shelby GT), and I'll be waiting for everyone to arrive parked alongside Harald on Los Laureles Grade just off Highway 68. See you on Oct. 3rd!
  16. Does anyone know where and at what time we're assembling for tomorrow's "meet & greet" at noon, and if we're allowed to get one or two items signed? Thanks!
  17. Glad to hear it went well, despite the issue with the BBQ (up to one thousand attendees and 300 registered cars -- not bad at all!). Look forward to seeing some pictures / videos of the event, in particular of the Venice Crew, 50th anniversary Daytona coupe, and the 2016 GT350R
  18. Awesome! I'd most definitely like to participate in the private reception (sent you an email as well). Look forward to getting together with the rest of the Team Shelby members on Saturday
  19. Thanks much for the info ... sorry for the delayed response, just got back from two weeks in Germany (wish I had my Shelby with me).
  20. Look forward to seeing you there ... do you know if the parade laps include our Mustangs or are they dedicated to the 65-66 GT-350s?
  21. Sweet! A co-worker of mine just received his plates and he's happy overall with the quality (I've only seen pictures so far).
  22. UPDATE: Also received my DMV notice with expected delivery in 8-12 weeks (for some reason, they still have my old mailing address on file -- need to fix that).
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