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  1. Please contact RafellaG@Shelby.com concerning price, sizes and availability
  2. Team Shelby has a very cool new jacket designed by our very own RafellaGolden. It was shown for the first time at Sonoma raceway . Interested in buying one? Can you contact her at RafellaG@Shelby.com
  3. No, SAI is not a Publicly Traded Company As just stated SAI is NOT a Publicly Traded Company, CSBI (Carroll Shelby International) is a publicly traded company. No one can buy stock in Shelby American, only in Carroll Shelby International
  4. Kinda makes you wonder doesn't it? All I can say for sure is it is a sad sad day in the history and legacy of Carroll Shelby
  5. Trust me, nothing could be further from the truth. There no hint of bankruptcy or anything else. Big companies restructure all the time and make changes to stay ahead of the times and move forward. Just seems funny someone joined today just to post that garbage.
  6. The 2006 and 2007 Models, were not GT-350s either. They were Mustang Gts made into the GT-H. Which is where I believe this incarnation of the car is derived from. It pays homage to the 50th Anniversary of the initial Hertz program as well as the 10th Anniversary of the Hertz Shelby partnership from the modern day.
  7. I drove a rental at speeds our cars are meant to drive on the way to Spring Mountain, DAMN that was fun! Boston is New England, NYers don't like them anyways,lol... Where in NYC did she move, Manhattan or one of the outer boroughs?
  8. Please don't generalize people based on where they are from, I am from the North East, NY to be specific and we don't believe we have a Constitutional right to anything other than what the Constitution says. And ironically enough, will be moving to the Mountain Region very soon. Actually I am also the relatively new Regional Director for the Mountain Region. Why doesn't Ford do it, I would think since Ford Racing makes superchargers and therefore can sell them to people who want them and make even more money.
  9. They were available at the private unveil in Manhattan, as well as I believe they were available at Barrett Jackson Palm Beach, and I would think Ford might have had some at their booth at the New York International AutoShow
  10. They will all be removed from the rental fleet by next March and probably all be sold to collectors and others by then. The plan is for them to be rented from Memorial all through the summer season and by the end of the year retired from fleet and sold
  11. That's a very good question, My advice is to pray to the Shelby Gods and you never know what might happen. I prayed for an automatic a couple of years ago and it got answered.
  12. Very true Steve, in fact except for the Bash where I took delivery of my 50th Annv GTS, I never had a shelby at the bashes I attended..But still always had fun.
  13. No Bash for you? Dang gonna miss my Canuck friend
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