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  1. Mfield2a, Which 520 series PIAA are we needing to look at? There are several different models. 5213, 5296, 5294 just to name a few. Also where did you get the wiring harness plug ends to use our existing connections? Clarence
  2. On the 2007's the stock mufflers are round.
  3. I had the same broken hanger problem on my 2007 SGT, passenger side. The muffler hit the ground. The car was still under warranty but the dealership still needed to contact SA to verify the car and get the new muffler from them since it was an SA modification. A few years later one of the hangers on the drivers side broke causing the muffler to rattle. I just took it to a muffler shop and had them re-weld it in place.
  4. Mahalo Nui Loa. My son was up in the stands taking pictures of the sessions and caught me trying to stay out of every ones way. 😃Awesome bringing your car over! If I remember right there were quite a few cars that came over from Hawaii (my second home away from home) Sounds like you spent your time well traveling. I took hundreds of pictures, who knows I may have caught yours in there somewhere. Clarence
  5. No, unfortunately I had another event scheduled for that weekend. The last convention I went to was down at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana for SAAC 38. Parade and open track events were fun even if I was being blown away by the newer Shelby's passing me on the straightaways. 😎
  6. Thanks. it's #2928 and can be found in both of the last 2 registries. Clarence
  7. IN '67 there was the GT350 such as mine seen below and the GT500. IF you want more history on the early cars go here: http://www.saac.com/index.php?PHPSESSID=l9ohiboe635dh7a28v6apq7n92;wwwRedirect 1967 GT350/GT500: http://www.saac.com/index.php?PHPSESSID=l9ohiboe635dh7a28v6apq7n92&board=31.0
  8. Shop rate ($120/hr) is what kills you. We got a quote of $2100 and change to replace both lower control arms and outer tie rod ends on our '03 Cobra at our local Ford dealership . Bought the inner and outer tie rods and lower control arms and did it in the driveway. Then got a $100 alignment. Handles fine again. Clarence
  9. I bought my '07 memorial w-end of '07 and it's my daily driver. When it was new it got lots of looks and thumbs up. Surprisingly even with all the new Shelby's, high powered Fords and other horsepower cars, I still see people taking second looks, "nice car!", giving thumbs up and asking questions at stop lights. The '07 may be the lost stepchild in performance but I still love the way it looks and drives. Thanks for all the pictures and informative .PDF's BTW. It's nice to learn new things about our cars. Clarence
  10. I have liberty mutual on my 07 Shelby GT. Cost is $1336 per year (full coverage) So far have not had to contact them for any issues.
  11. Just had to pull the cars out and get them lined up and cleaned up since its a nice sunny warm day. As mentioned it's nice to just sit back with a drink and enjoy the looks of passers by as they do a double take. Every once in a while a sports car will accelerate hard up the street to try to impress.
  12. My '07 Shelby GT is coming up on our 11th birthday together and granted it would be nice to still get some of the accessories and other parts that were offered the first few years (and I could not afford), as Ryan mentioned having the car on the road, having people take a second look, thumbs up, smiles and enjoying it is still fun. I just had someone roll down his window last night on the way home and compliment me. "nice car". BTW, I've been to the Museum 3 times since I got my car and during the tours they never once mentioned my/the '67 Shelby GT350 either. I just figure both GT's are the little brothers to the 500's and so don't get the publicity. Clarence
  13. Hey Jer, I was wondering what happened to you. Looked for you at the new Shelby home after xmas. Hope your doing well. I'm still saving up the pennies to get the hood and bumper painted. I removed the hood stripes on my own. Hopefully that will help lower the cost of the repaint. Hope to see you at an event. Clarence
  14. Greetings all, Sorry for the delay. We had a close friend pass away earlier this month. I cleaned the throttle body as everyone suggested and it seems to have solved the problem. The idle is nice and steady as it should be. And yes after 7 years and 54K miles the inside of the throttle body was quite dirty. Thanks everyone for the assist on this. Clarence
  15. Ok. Found the video. What about needed gaskets putting things back together? Clarence
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