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  1. I have been running Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3's in that size for almost four years with no issues. Mark
  2. That seems kind of expensive. You need to add $120 bucks for the oil pressure adaptor and if you have a whipple with the factory fuel rails you will need the fuel rail pressure adapter that is another $200. I do like the look of the gauges and think all Shelby GT's should have come with it not just the GT/SC's. Mark
  3. Congrats on the new Shelby. My wife's Shelby GT came with a GT500 rear spoiler and she loves the look. I much prefer the no spoiler look on my Shelby GT but I do like the look of the GT500 front chin spoiler I installed. Mark
  4. I discovered that a couple of years ago when I replaced mine. Be careful taking apart the end links. It is real easy to strip out the hex heads taking the old bushings out. I replaced mine two years ago and they are still quiet. Mark
  5. The grease I used on mine I purchased at Advance Auto and the brand was called Green Grease. I replaced my bushings in August 2017 and they are still quiet. Before replacing my bushings I wrapped the bar with Teflon tape and it would be quiet for a little while before the noise would come back. Mark
  6. The part number is M5490BKA. I purchased mine from CJ Pony Parts. Mark
  7. I was able to purchase just the rear shocks from Summit Racing for my wife's Shelby GT a few years ago when I noticed the drivers side was leaking. I replaced both and if I remember they were about 90 bucks each. Mark
  8. It is also weird that it has the six gauge cluster but does not have the ( info/select/ reset ) three button cluster switch. Mark
  9. Nice car. Always loved Candy Red Metallic Mustangs. Mark
  10. Make sure you use some heat and a good Allen wrench to remove the screws from the end links. Mine were a bitch to remove to replace the bushing. I used green grease and it's been over a year and they are still quiet. Mark
  11. I'm pretty sure Champion Mustang just drop ships from Shelby. I bought my gauge cluster from them and it shipped from Shelby in Vegas. Mark
  12. Either battery will fit your car. After you remove the battery you will see some plastic tabs that center the battery side to side that are removable in case you put the 40 R instead of the 96 R. If you want to reuse your existing battery blanket you would have to keep the same battery size. Motorcraft and Interstate batteries come from the same manufacturing facility and on the 96 R size the Interstate battery is the same case color as the original and not green like most of there batteries. Mark
  13. On the wife's Shelby GT the rear sway bar bushings would squeak going over bumps. I tried greasing them and they were quiet for awhile but the noise would soon come back. I ended up replacing the bushings and using green grease and they been quiet for over a year. Mark
  14. My 2008 Shelby GT has an off road pipe from Buschur Racing. It sounds perfect to me. I have a set of KR mufflers that I took off my wife's Shelby GT but have not had a chance to put them on so I can't comment on that. My car does have a whipple on it. Mark
  15. Not all 2008's have the new plug design. My wife's is csm 1074 and has the two piece plugs. The easiest way is to look at the code on the coil. 3L3E coils have early style plugs and 8L3E coils have the new style plugs. I think the coils are also different colors with the early style being black and the late style brown. I changed my wife's plugs at 30000 miles and it was a piece of cake. I'm not sure what plugs are in my csm 1357 since they were changed when the Whipple was installed. Mark
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